When it comes to buying a beach house, we look for three things: affordability, entertainment, and, of course, what the beach is actually like! And while there are beautiful beaches all over the country worthy of the title, we’ve chosen these three places as our top contenders to buy a beach house this year.

1. Galveston, Texas

The beach in the Lonestar state? No way! Yes way. Galveston boasts 32 miles of beachfront living where median home prices are around $225,000. This Gulf Coast beach town is famous for fishing and fun. From lounging on the beaches to exploring a World War II submarine, there’s always something to do in this historic city. If you buy a home here, you may want to go ahead and purchase kayaks too because you’ll definitely want to go dolphin spotting with a beautiful sunset in the background every evening. We love Galveston because you get the small-town beach feel with the clean beaches and usual beach activities, but you also get historic architecture and rooftop restaurants. There’s truly something for everyone in this not-so-tiny beach town. The fact that it’s actually affordable makes it a definite win in our book.

2. Pensacola, Florida

Has there ever been a list of beach towns that didn’t include a city in Florida? Pensacola made our list this year because of its crystal clear water, famous cocktails, and the fact that the median house listing is $160,000. Pensacola is truly a family destination, with local breweries for the adults but also plenty of attractions for the kids. There are two amusement parks in the area, a zoo, and a ton of outdoor adventures like paddle boarding, parasailing and ziplining for kids of all ages. Kids not a part of your life yet? Pensacola also boasts a happening nightlife with a dueling piano bar and live bands on the beach.

3. Sequim, Washington

When you think about beach towns, you might not immediately think about the northwest coast, but Sequim, Washington is enough to change that. The median home price is $187,000, with Sequim breaking the mold when it comes to rain by its positioning in the mountains, aka the rain shadow. Because of its location, it’s actually less rainy than other parts of Washington. What is Sequim known for besides the beach? Lavender fields. The surrounding Dungeness Valley is famous for its lavender fields, and each year there’s the most famous Lavender festival in North America. Spend time watching for wildlife and fishing with the ocean on one side and beautiful mountains on the other or take a short road trip into Seattle or Portland. You’ve got the best of both worlds in Sequim.

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