Description Qty Rate Tax Total
Monthly Rent for 16' UNIT 1 $249.99 $26.05 $249.99
Initial UNIT Delivery 1 $81.87 $81.87
Return UNIT to Storage Facility 1 $81.87 $81.87
Sub-Total $413.72

Total Due On Delivery

Estimated Future Costs:
Additional Monthly Rent for 16' UNIT $249.99 each
Redeliver UNIT from Storage Facility $81.87 each
Final UNIT Pickup $81.87 each

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

To complete a reservation by phone call: (615) 216-6300


Superior Container Design


We only use containers that are optimized for the Pacific Northwest weather. Every UNITS® container in Seattle is constructed 100% from high-quality steel and features a barn-style door design to prevent the onset of moisture and mold. Other portable storage providers offer containers that are made of wood, covered with tarp, or have roll-up doors with a gap between the tracks and the container walls so rain water can get in.

Flexible High-Touch Service

Unlike our competitors, we are not a multi-national corporation. Because our logistics are simpler, we don’t block off only a few days for trips to some locations. We don’t nickel-and-dime our customers with fuel surcharges or admin fees. We don’t have a call center in another state or country, and we don’t have to check with a manager or someone in operations to figure out what we can actually do. Because we are smaller, we try harder - as in that famous commercial. GET A QUOTE
UNITS Storage

Moving and Storage Reviews

  • Units has been super responsive, prompt, and easy to work with. They pick up and deliver in a timely manner and the drivers are always wearing masks and keeping social distance. Awesome job!

    Ashley Williams Avatar
    Ashley Williams

    I called them at 9:15 am and had a 16 ft container by noon the same day! I was super impressed with the robotic delivery system, a robot thingy (for lack of better term) was able to shimmy it down my driveway- something PODS CAN'T do! Unit is super sparkly clean, and the delivery guy was the nicest ever "Jimmy"--Thanks! I already referred this place to two realtor friends.

    Rachel Rosen Avatar
    Rachel Rosen

    Great stuff and communication normally! Today. I did not feel like I received the service I was accustomed to. I think we both were a little off our games, as
    I was impatient and Dan miscomunicated with me as he was covering for someone else. It worked out and I was able ro meet my deadline.

    Will definately use them again.


    Barry Fretwell Avatar
    Barry Fretwell
  • I needed to store most of my furniture and personal items in order to "empty" my house in order to sell it. UNITS brought the storage unit to my street (I recommend arranging to have the parking blocked off if you live on a narrow street like I do) and picked it up once I had it filled. They took the unit to their Renton storage location (charging a monthly storage fee) and then delivered it to me on Vashon Island (some companies won't deliver to Vashon) on the day I needed it, positioned it exactly where I wanted it to make unloading easy, and picked it up after I was done. The delivery person is very careful about COVID-19 and was skillful in maneuvering the unit under difficult conditions (3 contractors' trucks and another truck delivering a generator all at the same time.) It's not cheap but well worth the money and they were very clear about the total cost from the beginning.

    Wendell Bowerman Avatar
    Wendell Bowerman

    Highly, highly recommend UNITS! Excellent customer service and professional. We had a complicated move because we were buying and selling homes at the same time with different closing dates/in different cities. Dan spent a lot of time answering my questions and helping me sort out the best approach for our move. Thank you UNITS and Dan!

    Courtney P Avatar
    Courtney P

    My wife and I just had our floors refinished and needed a place to move our furniture for the two-week job. I called up Viden at Units and he delivered a storage unit right on time. It was so clean and beautiful that my children wanted to move into it and were disappointed when we told them they couldn't. When the floors were finished and we emptied out the box a few days earlier than anticipated, Viden was able to change the pick-up date and give us our much-needed driveway back. Excellent service from a local company. Kudos all around.

    Keith Sherman Avatar
    Keith Sherman

UNITS Containers: Solid Construction, Clean, and Spacious

  • 16’(L) x 8’(W) x 8’(H) or 12’(L) x 8’(W) x 8’(H) Exterior Dimensions
  • 7,500lb Weight Limit for Loaded Items
  • Barn-Style Double Door
  • Door Handle with Two Locking Pins
  • Weather-Resistant Flashing
  • Ground-Level Floor with High-Grade Resin Coating
UNITS Storage Container Interior
UNITS Storage

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