Long Distance Move? No Problem!

Our Containers Go The Distance. Any Distance.

No matter where you live, UNITS® can help with your move. Nationwide storage facilities mean that getting your portable storage container is just as easy for a long-distance move as it is for a local one. 
There’s no need to move or haul your belongings to a poorly maintained storage facility, only to move them again to a new location. UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage Trucks will deliver your portable moving containers to your location where they will stay for as long as you need. Once you are ready to move your belongings, just give us a call, and we will use our moving trucks to move your portable storage containers to your new location.

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Step 1: UNITS® Comes to You

We bring the storage container to you. Our UNITS® are street legal and fit right in your driveway.

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We bring it to you

Step 2: Pack It At Your Own Pace

Unlike other moving companies, we here at UNITS® never want you to feel overwhelmed or rushing to get your stuff packed and moved out. Take your time packing at a pace that works best for you.

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You Pack It

Step 3: We Come Pick the UNIT® Back Up

Once you are finished loading your UNIT®, we will meet you personally to come and pick up your moving container and get it loaded onto our truck for the moving process. No matter where your UNIT® needs to go, we will get it there for you!

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We pick it up

Step 4: The Drive Ensues

At UNITS® we take precautionary steps in ensuring that your valuables and the container make it safely to your new home. We go on your designated schedule so that you have it at your new home when you arrive.

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We Drive to Point B

Step 5: Celebrate a Successful Move!

Once your container has arrived you can start unpacking and when finished we take it off your hands so that you can go out and celebrate a successful move from your old place to the new one! Congrats and Thank you for choosing UNITS® for your long distance move.

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Your Move is a Success!