Description Qty Rate Tax Total
Monthly Rent for 16' UNIT 1 $249.99 $26.05 $249.99
Initial UNIT Delivery 1 $81.87 $81.87
Return UNIT to Storage Facility 1 $81.87 $81.87
Sub-Total $413.72

Total Due On Delivery

Estimated Future Costs:
Additional Monthly Rent for 16' UNIT $249.99 each
Redeliver UNIT from Storage Facility $81.87 each
Final UNIT Pickup $81.87 each

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

To complete a reservation by phone call: (615) 216-6300



UNITS is doing our part by enacting the following health and hygiene protocols:

  • Here are the precautions being taken with our associates:
    • If an associate is not feeling well, they are required to stay home.
    • For our associates, we are enforcing frequent and thorough soap hand washing as well as using alcohol-based hand sanitizer whenever washing is unavailable.
  • UNITS will continue to adhere to the Cleaning and Disinfecting recommendations provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc.gov) for high-contact areas on our containers.
  • All customers are encouraged to sign their documents electronically to avoid needing to interact with the driver upon delivery.
  • Social distancing is being respected and emphasized with all local associates and customers. Our delivery drivers are using the instructions customers provided in advance (so please be very specific on delivery placement) when delivering your containers and customers do not have to be present at the time of delivery or pick-up service.


While we continue to learn more every day about the COVID-19 situation, UNITS can assure you that we are doing everything we can to deliver the best possible customer experience. There are some areas of the country that have shelter in place policies which makes serving these areas a challenge for the foreseeable future. UNITS will continue to monitor the markets that have a shelter in place policy to try to minimize any impact on our services. UNITS is doing its best to help support its residential and commercial customers during these challenging times and will continue to monitor situations that may disrupt service.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is a business that requires little to no human interaction at all which will help support any concern over the spread of this infectious disease. UNITS is also working with many local hospitals and governments/organizations to support the movement and storage of critical medical supplies, products, and resources needed in their efforts to help them support our local communities stay safe and healthy.

UNITS is working to diminish any service delays but realize that this may not be 100% possible given the local restrictions but rest assured that UNITS will continue to monitor the situation and adjust accordingly. If we need to reschedule a container delivery and/or pick-up, you will be informed and provided with updates as more information becomes available.

Please follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/unitsmovingandstorage or Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/unitsstorage or come page to this page to get the latest updates.

UNITS values your business and appreciates your patience with this unfortunate situation that is affecting everyone in one way or another.