Description Qty Rate Tax Total
Monthly Rent for 16' UNIT 1 $249.99 $26.05 $249.99
Initial UNIT Delivery 1 $81.87 $81.87
Return UNIT to Storage Facility 1 $81.87 $81.87
Sub-Total $413.72

Total Due On Delivery

Estimated Future Costs:
Additional Monthly Rent for 16' UNIT $249.99 each
Redeliver UNIT from Storage Facility $81.87 each
Final UNIT Pickup $81.87 each

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To complete a reservation by phone call: (615) 216-6300


Locally Owned and Operated

  • At UNITS® of Northeast Massachusetts, we are owners who are part of your local business community.
  • We have a deep understanding of the local residential and commercial real estate market & communities and an appreciation of the importance of timely, convenient, economical and secured storage.
  • We serve the Greater Boston area from Worcester to Gloucester, including Cambridge, Somerville, Newton, Waltham, Arlington, Brighton, Marlborough, Woburn, Chelmsford, Burlington, and more.
  • Our storage facility is easily accessible from I-495 and Rt. 2.
  • Our state-of-the-art delivery system allows us to deliver your UNIT while minimizing wear and tear to your driveway and property. ASK US TO EXPLAIN!!!!

Customer Service

We are local owners who know the moving and storage industry inside and out. We work hard to understand each customer’s unique situation so that we can provide nothing less than exceptional service!
  • - Good Old-Fashioned Customer Care
  • - Superior Quality of our Portable Moving Storage Containers
  • - We’re price competitive
UNITS Storage

Moving and Storage Reviews

  • We're about to start some pretty big renovations in our home and needed some temporary extra storage. It seemed liked the big decision we had to make was whether to go with an expensive weather and rodent-proof container, or a more cost effective but less robust wooden crate solution. After reaching out to a few different portable storage companies, we found UNITS of Northeast MA had both the most competitive rates AND the highest quality containers. We were able to get the best of both worlds and their staff was very courteous and responsive.

    It was fascinating to watch their driver, Tony, use a remote control to expertly manipulate the pod to exactly where we wanted. They were super flexible in scheduling and delivered in the time window they scheduled. I couldn't be happier with the service from Seth (the owner) and the rest of his team. Thank you!

    Adam Wilson Avatar
    Adam Wilson

    I had a seamless experience using Units. Like many others, I started my Google search with the name I knew ("Pods") when I was looking into DITY containers. However, the Units rates and availability were better in both aspects, and I'm glad I went with this company.

    Patrick Lewis Avatar
    Patrick Lewis

    5 stars for sure! Had an excellent experience with UNITS for my long-distance move and would definitely use them again for storage or moving needs. The operation is run like a family business (in a good way!), and not some giant call center, so I trusted that nothing would be lost in transit. The business owner and the drivers were super responsive, and the whole team - local and national - went out of their way to keep me updated on the status of my container, even after I asked for it to be shipped in the middle of a tropical storm and over a holiday weekend.

    Brian Sara Avatar
    Brian Sara
  • I used this Units container to move to a new house. I am very glad I did. it relieved me of so much stress and saved me money. They delivered the container a week before the scheduled move, and I packed my stuff and loaded it in the container without a rush. The same was after the move - a week in my driveway let me unload it without a hassel and putting things where they belong. It saved me money as well as it would take the movers three-four times as long to load the small stuff on the truck as it took them to handle just the furniture. And the delivery of the container is amazing - 21st century robotic! Highly recommend.

    Mark Yedvabny Avatar
    Mark Yedvabny

UNITS Containers: Solid Construction, Clean, and Spacious

  • Ground-Level Loading or Unloading
  • Secure, Lockable Containers
  • 2 Sizes of Containers (12’ & 16’)
  • Equipped with ETRACK™ Securing System
  • Can hold up to 8,000 lbs
UNITS Storage Container Interior
UNITS Storage

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