Nationwide UNITS® Storage and Service Centers are locally-owned and operated and familiar with the communities they serve. Consumer and business customers have the capability to visit a facility and make storage and moving arrangements or access their Unit container. For the ultimate in convenience, customers can also make reservations online.

UNITS® offers high quality constructed containers featuring a translucent top allowing for natural light to enter the space. The Unit container is clean, weather-resistant, spacious, and available in 12' and 16' lengths. The UNITS® delivery system is the most technologically advanced in the industry, virtually eliminating any shift in contents when lifting containers on and off transport vehicles. The Unit container may be placed in a UNITS secure storage and service center or at the customer's desired location, always at ground level for easy access.

The national network of UNITS® Storage and Service Centers currently services over 500 cities in North America with additional locations scheduled to open in the near future. UNITS Storage and Service Centers have gained a well-deserved reputation for building relationships, supporting their communities and providing exceptional customer service.

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UNITS® Has Re-Invented Todays Portable Storage Containers