Summer is prime moving season! With just about 70% of all moves in the US taking place between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend, “peak moving season” is officially in full swing. However, there are both benefits and setbacks to moving in summer that may impact your decision to move during the season. To help you decide if moving in the summer is right for you, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage has come up with a list of the pros and cons of moving in the summertime.

Benefits of Moving in Summer

The real estate market is up:

One of the biggest reasons why summer is the most popular season to move is because it’s a time when many individuals are taking advantage of a rise in the housing market.

It’s the perfect time for everyone:

Summer is the perfect time to move because it’s generally the time when individuals and families are most likely to be free: kids get off from school, college students are on vacation, and people tend to use their paid time-off.

The weather is perfect:

If you live in a colder part of the country, then moving during the summer is the best option to avoid dealing with the cold and the elements during a move. In summer the weather is more consistent and you don’t have to worry about a winter storm ruining your move.

Cons of Moving in Summer

The rental market is at its peak:

Summer is the worst time to rent when looking to downsize because the demand for rental units is so high in the summer.

Professional movers are more expensive: In peak moving, movers are often booked for weeks on end, meaning that they’re gonna charge more for moves during that period if you end up finding one. However there’s an easy solution to finding affordable, reliable movers that are available when you need them.

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