Everyone makes mistakes. Whether it’s leaving your morning coffee on the roof of your car or replying all to the wrong work email, some mishaps are just an unavoidable part of everyday life. However, moving your belongings doesn’t have to one of them. The more you know about common moving mistakes people make, the easier it is for you to prevent them. Read UNITS list of ten common moving mishaps and learn how to avoid them:

You forget to pack an overnight bag

No one wants to unpack everything on their first night in a new home just to find a toothbrush and change of clothing. Put the essentials such as medicine, toiletries, pet food and pajamas in a suitcase. Everything you need for the first few days in your new house will be easily available, and you’ll be able to focus on unpacking.

You don’t label your boxes

Unpacking can quickly become a nightmare when you forget to label your boxes. If one container holds your cooking utensils and silverware, label the box with “kitchen” and “utensils” underneath. Follow the room and category labeling system with each box. When you’re unloading at your new home, you can carry the boxes into their appropriate room without opening them first.

You don’t give yourself enough time

Any successful move requires planning and common sense time-management. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can quickly throw all your stuff into some boxes the day of your move. Get started early by scheduling the delivery of your UNITS moving container, picking up packing supplies and requesting time off work for the move.

You forget to take measurements

No matter how much you love that cozy sectional in your old living room, the hard truth is you might not have room for it in your new place. Before you go through to laborious task of moving your furniture, take measurements of your new home. If some pieces won’t fit into your new living space, you’ll have time to sell or donate them.

You don’t plan for your pet

If moving is hectic and stressful for humans, imagine how confusing it can be for your pets. Before moving day rolls around, make arrangements for your pet to stay with a friend or at a pet daycare. This way, they won’t be running around underfoot or attempting to escape out the front door while your moving boxes outside. Once you’re settled into your new home, help your pet adjust to their new environment with these tips.

You pack everything you own

No, that weird vase you got as a wedding present 14 years ago doesn’t need to make the move with you. Moving from one home to another is the perfect time to purge some of your unused belongings. Decide what needs to be pitched and what needs to be packed before you start shoving everything you own into cardboard boxes. Your decluttered future self will thank you

You don’t budget for unexpected costs

From transfer fees to temporary lodging costs, moving can put a dent in your wallet if you don’t budget correctly. Read this list of surprise moving costs you may encounter and add some extra money to your move budget just in case.

You forget to sort electronics

It took you two hours to correctly plug in your television and sound bar when you got them. Don’t haphazardly unplug them and throw the cords in a box with all your other electronic cables. Take a picture the more confusing wire arrangements and label each cord with a different color twist tie to mark which device it connects to.

You don’t give your emotions time to adjust

Anyone who’s packed up and moved from one home to another previously knows there are a lot of emotions that come along with the experience. Give your children and pets the care and resources they need to adjust to the new house, but don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Say goodbye to your old home before leaving and a day or two to relax before returning to work after.

You don’t use a UNIT

Did you hire some professional movers you heard about on the radio and they broke half your stuff? Or maybe you thought you could move everything yourself and now your kitchen table is laying on the side of the interstate. Save yourself the headache and have a UNITS ground-level, ready-to-pack container delivered right to your door and transported to your new home. Get your free quote here and move the right way.

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