Whether you’re in the middle of a remodel, clearing out space for your growing family or simply on a spring cleaning kick, a temporary storage unit can come to great use. However, just like your possessions, not all storage units are created equal. With the summer weather quickly approaching, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully informed before moving your items into the wrong type of unit.

What is a climate-controlled storage unit? It’s a feature that keeps your unit between 55-85°F at all times while also controlling the humidity level. This functionality is crucial for peace-of-mind while storing items of value.

So, what items commonly require storage in a climate-controlled unit?

1. Leather & Wooden Furniture

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That pricey leather couch you splurged on is very sensitive to dramatic increases and decreases in temperature. The leather could shrivel, split or even warp if subject to extreme fluctuations in temperature. Humidity is no friend of leather furniture, either. Without moisture control in your unit, mold can take over, which can lead to discoloration or worse. The same goes for wooden furniture. When exposed to excess moisture, wood can split, warp or also be subject to mold growth and eventually rot.

2. Clothing

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Many people don’t think of this one until it’s too late. If you plan to store particular items of clothing for a long period of time, you will absolutely need a climate-controlled unit to ensure your fabrics stay dry. Mildew and mold making way to your clothing will stain, leave a horrible stench and ruin your clothes. Make sure you consider more than just your preserved wedding dress!

3. Wine

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Ever left a bottle of wine in the hot car while running errands, arrived at home and poured yourself a glass, only to spit it right out? Wine is a living, breathing thing and when exposed to extreme heat, it can spoil in as little as two hours. It requires an environment with a consistent temperature to avoid accelerated aging and oxidation. Don’t let your time spent collecting those special occasion bottles go to waste!

4. Family Photos

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If you’re like most, your family photos are probably stored in a number of cardboard boxes. When stacked on top of each other and exposed to high temperatures, colors can begin to blend and the prints will deteriorate. Unfortunately, they are not safe from ruin even if stored in albums. Preservation of your special memories definitely requires protection from elevated temperatures.

5. Artwork

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Canvas pieces are the real concern here. Unfortunately, even when stored in frames, air that is too dry, damp, hot, cold, or drastically changing between any of the above will quickly deteriorate canvas by causing it to expand and contract. Extreme climate change will also cause the paint to flake and crack. Prints also require special care as, much like photos, are subject to fading colors and bleeding together. Artwork should be stored in your climate-controlled unit upright as a best practice!

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