Moving can be a difficult enough task when moving normal sized boxes and furniture. But take into account that large armoire or statement piece that you haven’t moved in years, and many people are ready to throw in the towel and cancel their move entirely. Follow these tips to help you get moving easily and quickly, no matter the size of the piece of furniture!

1. Start Measuring. Start with the major dimensions of your furniture and then compare that to the size of the opening of your biggest door. If you’re finding that the fit is fairly tight, consider taking the door off the hinges entirely. You’ll be glad you did this at the beginning rather than stopping midway through the move. 
2. Protect Your Belongings. Use moving plastic wrap or blankets to thoroughly wrap your precious piece of furniture so that you avoid many of the dings and scratches likely to happen during the course of the move. This is also true of smaller pieces of furniture! 
3. Enlist the Help of Companions. Some pieces of furniture require the help of multiple able-bodied individuals. Now is not the time to pretend you’re Superman or Superwoman. Asking for assistance will help lighten the load. Your back will thank you later!  
4. Lighten The Load. If the piece you’re moving has any removable drawers, doors, or other pieces, consider taking them off early on to help take off some of the weight of the furniture. Label and secure any screws or small pieces you take apart, as you will definitely need these later on! 
5. Use the Right Equipment. Consider enlisting the help of moving equipment like trolleys, dollies, furniture sliders, straps, and any other tools that will help you get the job done without injuring yourself or your belongings.

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