We live in a modern society where there is quite literally “an app for that.” So why would you choose to pack up your belongings in an old school way? Technology is there to make your life easier and that shouldn’t change when it comes to moving.

Take Inventory

Counting every one of your possessions is a big task no matter what. But it’s necessary when moving. Spending more time taking inventory means unpacking will be a breeze. You won’t have to worry about finding kitchen utensils in the bedroom boxes or never being able to know where the holiday decorations ended up being stored. A little work on the front end will make your move seamless.

Excel Spreadsheet

If spreadsheets are your go-to for organization, then use the tool to make an inventory of your home. Create a spreadsheet for each room in your house, or simply label them within a spreadsheet for your entire home’s inventory. This is especially helpful if you plan to color code your boxes. You can create an entire column to know exactly which box your things ended up in. If you decide to get more detailed, including the price you paid for larger items can help with insurance claims should your belongings ever get damaged.

Sortly App


For those of you who aren’t fond of long spreadsheets and need a more visual element to tracking your move, we recommend the Sortly app. This app allows you to take inventory by photographing the items you want to keep track of. Then, you can organize them within the app, make notes about the item, and create your own moving checklists all within the app. Sortly even lets you create custom QR codes to then label your boxes with. You can then scan that code to see exactly what’s inside that box. It’s moving made simple.

Get Ideas with Pinterest

It’s no secret that Pinterest is the mecca of life hacks. But have you ever thought about using it for your move? From access to free printables to information about changing your address once you’re in your new home, Pinterest can provide resources from people who have been in your shoes.


Moving hacks

Wondering how to pack your kitchen up without using 50 boxes? A simple search of “moving hacks” on Pinterest will have you storing your spices in the crock pot and wrapping your dishes in hand towels to prevent them from breaking. Using Pinterest as a resource will help you cut down the costs of packing supplies and help keep you organized in the process.

Free Printables

If there was a king of checklists, it would be Pinterest. Are you wondering what exact steps you need to take to change your mailing address to your new home? Trying to figure out everything you need to clean in order to get your security deposit back on your apartment? Many bloggers and designers have created free printables that will keep your move on track and will make it impossible for you to miss a step during your move. 

Price Your Move

You’ve purchased a house, paid closing costs, and started figuring out your monthly bills. But have you priced your move? There are many online tools you can use to price moving companies and find packaging materials. But UNITS is the one place you can get a fast quote specific to your needs.

Online Quotes

We know moving can be a long, tedious process. But figuring out how much it’s going to cost shouldn’t take hours. In 30 seconds, our UNITS online quote generator can figure out how much your move is going to cost, and you can schedule exactly when it’s delivered to your driveway. Wondering what size you need? Get a quote on each size UNIT. There’s no obligation, and we won’t bombard you after with emails. Our goal is to move you simply and efficiently. And that includes doing the heavy lifting for you.

Packing Supplies online


You never know how many cardboard boxes you need until you’re in the middle of your move. And it’s always more than you ever expected. On our site, you can place an order for packing supplies based on how many rooms you are packing up. We have many options depending on the size of your move, and our kits are complete with everything you will need to move your belongings safely. Take the guesswork out of packing and have exactly what you need delivered straight to your door.


There are now virtual decorating apps that will allow you to play with the layout of your new spaces. With tools like Planner 5D, you can arrange furniture virtually and find the blank spaces that need filling. IKEA also has new tools to help you envision their furniture in your home.

Paint companies like Sherwin Williams also have virtual tools to help you decide the right paint color for your space.

If you’re not interested in decorating your home yourself (because you lack the skill or the time), you can also now get home styling from professionals anywhere. Check out Laurel & Wolf. Their team can hook you up with a design specialist to help virtually–no matter where you’re moving–and for a fraction it would cost to hire an interior designer.

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