This time of year, giving is on everyone's mind. From exchanging gifts to spreading some extra love and happiness to those around you, there are many ways to give to your community and loved ones during the holidays. However, don’t limit your giving attitude to this season. Moving from one home to another makes for the perfect opportunity to donate some of your unused items to your community, and in return, save yourself some money when tax season rolls around. When making the move to a new home, check out this Charleston guide to donating your old furniture, clothing, electronics and more:


Sometimes your old couch or mattress doesn’t need to make the move to your new home with you. Whether you’re upgrading to a larger home or downsizing to a small living space, your move can be made simpler by donating old furniture to a local charity. You’ll get the chance to remodel and redesign your new home while also helping those in need furnish their homes.

Before donating, be sure to:

– Clean furniture by vacuuming, washing cushion covers if possible

– Tighten any loose screws

– Find any spare pieces that may be floating around


We all have unworn clothing hanging around in our closets and drawers. Instead of packing those unused articles of clothing, donate them. There are many locations in the Charleston area that accept clothing donations and offer you a tax deduction receipt in exchange. Not only will you get to help clothe those in need, you’ll save money on your taxes and declutter your closet.

Before donating, be sure to:

– Check pockets

– Wash clothes if possible

– Remember, avoid donating clothes that are overly worn or no longer wearable


Got old cell phones, laptops, game consoles and televisions laying around your house? Don’t throw them out, donate or recycle them. By donating your unused electronics to a charity, you can help power local job training and education. Recycling old, broken electronics helps keep our environment safe, keeps trash out of landfills and lets the valuable resources in the electronics be reused.

Before donating, be sure to:

– Remove any personal information from the hard drive

– Include charging cords and power cables

– Remember, even if the device does not work, it can still be helpful


Few people may be in the position to donate a vehicle to charity, but those who can have the opportunity to make a huge, positive impact on someone’s life. Not only does donating a used vehicle help your community, you will also be able to claim the donation as a tax deduction.

Before donating, be sure to:

– Clean out the car and find any personal items that may be buried under seats

– Prepare the vehicles title to give to donation center

– Remove license tags and return them to your local DMV


Moving is an excellent time for the entire family to donate some of their unused items, even children. If your kids have some unused or outgrown toys around the house, help them collect the toys together and take them to one of the many donation centers or shelters in the area.


Before you toss out all of the food in your pantry, set aside non-perishable food items to donate to a local food bank or shelter. Check expiration dates and box up all unexpired food items to take to the nearest food bank.

Other miscellaneous items to donate:

Donate books to your local public library and share the gift of reading

Many charities happily accept kitchen supplies and bakeware

Your home decor items can be donated to charities and shelters

Giving old sports equipment allows local children the chance to get active

Donation Center locations around the Charleston area:

Charleston Habitat for Humanity

Berkeley County Habitat for Humanity

Mount Pleasant/East Cooper Habitat for Humanity

Dorchester County Habitat for Humanity

Lowcountry Goodwill Locations

Lowcountry Food Bank

Charleston Toys for Tots Drop-Off Centers

Wheels for Wishes South Carolina

Help your community and make your move easier by donating unused items. And for all the household items you keep, trust UNITS to move them safely to your new home.

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