If you’re planning a move, chances are you’re about to enlist your most bodybuilder-like friends to help you. After all, that couch isn’t going to go down three flights of stairs on its own. But, before hitting up your bros with a casual text, it’s important to recognize and remember that manners go a long way. Here are 5 things to think about when asking your friends to help you move.

1. Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

Even if you know your friends aren’t technically busy during your moving weekend, don’t just assume they’re going to jump up and help if you ask the night before. Give them a week in advance to say yes, then send them the complete rundown a few days before. Let them know what to expect and how long it should take so they can make plans around it. There’s nothing worse than having dinner reservations only to realize you’re helping with a move that’s going to take 12-14 hours.

2. Outline What Exactly They’re Needed For

Do you own a 300lb armoire that your grandmother left you? Are you disassembling exercise equipment? These are things to relay to the people helping you. Maybe your strongest friend was going to work out his (or her) arms the day before at the gym. If they know they’re going to be doing really heavy lifting, they can plan accordingly. Also, don’t assume they’re going to be there for assembly and disassembling furniture. Chances are, everyone will be happier if your stuff is ready to be loaded up, rather than still in its place waiting to be taken apart.

3. Provide Something in Return

Sure, we all expect pizza and beer during a move, but for extra strenuous tasks it’s never a bad idea to actually pay your friends for their good deeds. Simply saying, “Hey, I’ll help you next time you move,” is never enough and will result in more than one eye rolls at the end of the day. Even if you can’t pay them, maybe take them to dinner or just do something nice in the few days afterwards. A simple Starbucks gift card can go a long way, trust me.

4. Don’t Assume They’re Going to Help You Decorate

Moving means different things to different people. Some people think moving is simply taking boxes to a truck (or UNIT). Others assume friends will stay behind to actually help unpack everything once it’s in the new place. Make sure everyone in your moving party is clear of what you need help with versus what you may just want help with, and let them decide accordingly what they’re willing to do. Sure, you may have friends who don’t consider the task done until you’re more than at home in your new place. But other friends may feel like they can freely bolt as soon as all of your cardboard boxes are sitting in your new living room. It’s important to be clear either way.

5. Don’t Assume Everyone Can Do The Hard Stuff

Sure, maybe your friend works out a lot. But should he really be carrying a dresser down the stairs all by himself? Make sure everyone is working well within their physical limits, and don’t be afraid to tell your friend to take it easy if they’re doing too much. Avoid moving during the warmest part of the day if you’re moving during the summer, and be sure to let everyone take a lot of breaks no matter what physical condition they’re in. A safe move is the best move.

Asking friends to help with a move may seem like a no-brainer, but don’t forget that if it gets too much to handle, there are professionals to help. Don’t be afraid to call them if you need it, while also acknowledging what a big help your friends are. If you’re planning to tack the move on your own with friends, consider using a UNIT to make it even easier. UNITS are flat to the ground, so there’s no back straining as you pack things away. Then we pick up the UNIT and take it to your new place, so your friends can go about their day.

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