11 Upgrades to Modernize Your Home

Nearly every homeowner reaches a point where they have to make the decision to either upgrade their home or move out. Out of date styles and spaces can cause you to dread going home and leave you feeling down while you are there. Looking at all those pictures on Instagram and Pinterest or even the updated homes of your friends can feel depressing. Sometimes it seems like it might just be easier to move into a more updated home. Then again, your house will sell faster and at a higher price with a few updates. Maybe the solution is to make a few crucial updates and then decide if you want to stay or move on.

Everyone has different preferences, as well as issues, with their home. So, we want to give you some options to choose from that will address your needs and desires. Obviously eleven updates could easily get pretty pricey pretty quickly. Pick the updates that are most important to you in the areas that are bothering you the most.

  1. The front door. First impressions really are important. A new front door or a fresh coat of paint on your old door will delight you when you pull up to your house. Pick a color that looks nice with the rest of the house but also one that makes you happy.
  2. Light fixtures. Here is another simple and inexpensive way to lighten and freshen up your room. Find a style that suits you and the rest of your decor and sheds plenty of light in the room. Brighter rooms appear larger. Miniature chandeliers add a romantic touch to the bedroom.
  3. Declutter and rearrange. Modern styles tend toward minimalism. Get rid of large, bulky furnishings. If you cannot part with the large cabinet or buffet table, put it in storage for a while to see how it feels with more open space. Pulling the furniture from the walls will also give a room a more spacious feel.
  4. Paint and trim. It is really amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room. If you are considering selling, go with more neutral colors, but if you think you will stay a while, pick colors you really love. Crown or chair molding can also really jazz up a room. While you have those switches and outlet covers off, replace them with something more modern.
  5. Popcorn ceilings. Some styles are better left in the past, and popcorn ceilings are in that category. They are messy and look awful. Get rid of them. It will make a huge difference. Always test them for asbestos first!
  6. Floors. A new floor does not have to be a major production. Many older houses have beautiful hardwoods under old carpet. Pull that carpet up and have a professional sand it. You can then stain and seal it yourself. A new vinyl floor in a kitchen or tile floor in the bathroom can also be relatively simple and inexpensive projects that make a big impression.
  7. A bonus room. If you have an extra room that you rarely use, repurpose it for something you need or enjoy. Make an exercise room, crafting room, or office. Here again, some fresh paint and decorative touches that match with your purpose will help you enjoy the room even more.
  8. Cabinet updates. Fully replacing your cabinets can be prohibitively expensive, but you can update them for much less. Paint them, and replace your knobs and pulls with something more modern for an inexpensive, dramatic difference.
  9. Faucets. Some faucets are rather ordinary, and others are simply out of fashion. They can also get dingy and scuffed up over the years. A new faucet can make a big bang for just a few bucks in the kitchen or bath.
  10. Partial bathroom remodel. All and nothing are not the only two options when doing a bathroom remodel. If the toilet is stained or out of date, but the sink and tub are fine, just replace the toilet. Switching to a pedestal sink can make a big difference in a small bathroom. A fresh glaze on the tub can cover stains or scuffs. Add a coat of paint and a couple decorations, and you will likely love your bathroom a lot more.
  11. An outside space. Pavers or even an outdoor rug with a few patio chairs and an outdoor fireplace can create an entirely new space for you to enjoy. Update your landscaping to make it an even more enjoyable place to be.

Pick a few updates and see if you enjoy your home more. If not, you will have increased the value and made it more appealing to potential buyers. If you need a place to store your things while you update, please contact us.

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