The Best Local Customer Service

We distinguish ourselves from the rest through unparalleled local customer service, especially self-storage facilities. UNITS® of Cincinnati is locally owned and operated, which means someone from a call center across the country doesn’t pick up when you call us. Instead, you are speaking with our owners and employees who know the Cincinnati area, can answer your questions, and care deeply about your moving and storage needs. This personalized service is not something you can expect from a self-storage center.


We strive to provide the most competitive pricing in the Cincinnati market. Our average moving and storage cost is typically less than self-storage, and we have no hidden fees. We offer transparent pricing with no gimmicks. You can request a quote from us today and compare it with a self-storage quote – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed, but you will be surprised!

Long Term Contracts? No Thanks!

Self-storage facilities try to lure customers into multiple months or even year-to-year agreements to store their belongings. UNITS® of Cincinnati offers month-to-month agreements. Our contracts are straightforward, and we won’t hold you to a rental deadline. You can store with us for as long as you need, and we won’t pressure you into a long-term contract.

One Move. One Time.

With UNITS® of Cincinnati, you don’t have to worry about double or triple packing, truck rentals, or daily rates. We deliver our containers to your location; you only have to load and unload once. You don’t have to drive the truck, and no extra rentals are needed. Our one-move, one-time service saves you time, money, and effort.

Built Tough

Our containers are built to last and feature steel construction, durable steel frames, and steel doors, making them the most weather-resistant containers on the market. Self-storage facilities lack some of this construction, which makes our containers more secure and durable. Additionally, our portable storage containers are large and spacious. Our unique door design can fit more cubic feet of space than some self-storage facilities. Choose UNITS® of Cincinnati for the space and quality you need.

More Interior Space & Capacity

UNITS® of Cincinnati provides mobile storage containers with ample space to store your belongings. With our innovative door design, we can fit more cubic feet of space than many other self-storage facilities. Whether you need to store furniture, equipment, or other items, you can trust UNITS® to give you the space you need. Choose UNITS® of Cincinnati for all your storage needs.