So, are you looking to move to Mount Healthy? Let us at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati help you. How can we do that? We at UNITS provide services that help the local community make their moves to new destinations in hopes for a better future.  Our business procedures predicate upon elevating the local community to have an easy and efficient moving procedure.  

With our services at your disposal, you will no longer have to go through the stresses and burdens that come with a move. Just call us once, and we will be quick to provide you with a UNITS container right at your doorstep. 

Another thing that we can help you with is a storage facility.  Our service provides clients with full access to a storage facility which is climate controlled. This means that you can store your valuables inside this facility without having to worry about theft damage and environmental damage throughout the moving process. 

For instance, this storing option can be great for your prized precious belongings and equipment. Not to mention, our service also promises users complete safety of their belongings. To ensure our promise, we introduce the ROBO-Lift® technology for a high tech protection measure against difficult road conditions during container delivery and pickup.

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Mount Healthy Local Attractions

Hamilton County is host to many great cities in the state of Ohio. Mount Healthy is the perfect embodiment of a city in which you can lead a life, or raise a family. With great residential blocks along the cities, along with facilities for essentials and recreation, it is an example of an idealistic location. 

Mt Healthy Historical Society

This location is a must-visit if you want to get accustomed with the rich history and culture of Mt Healthy. With a helpful staff, here you can learn loads.  

Tikkun Farm

This location is a display of the helpful community of Mt Healthy. It offers an open pantry, and provides free of cost food to the struggling members of the society. 

Home Improvement Stores in Mt Healthy 

Knowing the home improvement stores nearby will allow you to equip your house with essential packing and storing options. 

Lowe’s Home Improvement

10235 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45251, United States


The Home Depot

3461 Joseph Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45251, United States


Home Outlet Cincinnati, OH

9313 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45251, United States


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