Moving in Harrison

Harrison Moving Containers​ and Self Storage

A hassle-free move is within reach with UNITS®. We provide quick and affordable moving services to make your relocation process as smooth as possible.


Harrison Storage

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati containers on the back of a UNITS truck.

No matter if you need self-storage for your home or business, UNITS® has the solution for you. We will deliver a storage container right to your property so that you can easily and conveniently store whatever you need.


Containers Delivered in Harrison

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati containers sitting in a driveway with a UNITS truck behind them.

UNITS® patented technology ensures that your belongings are safe and sound while being loaded and unloaded. You can rest assured knowing that our state-of-the-art delivery system is handling your things with care.


Moving in Harrison, Ohio

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UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati is the simplest way to move or store anything. We make moving easy and give you as much time as you need. Our ROBO-UNIT Delivery System uniquely delivers our portable moving containers outside your home or business at ground level, making them accessible 24/7. At UNITS, we can assist you in decluttering and selling your home more quickly. Once the container is full, contact us, and we'll take it to your new home in Harrison or store it in our secure storage space. You only have to load once and unload once, saving time, energy, and effort. We're a local company with years of experience providing top-notch service at reasonable prices. Give us a call today to reserve your UNITS® container!

Moving Services in Harrison

UNITS® has made moving much easier! With years of experience in the industry, we're professionals at residential and commercial moves. Unlike traditional methods, our containers can fit in any standard parking spot for your convenience. You may also load or unload the container(s) at your own pace. Many customers have benefitted from using UNITS®, so join them today by contacting us! The key to a stress-free and successful move is advance planning. Give us a call today at (513) 506-3223 to get started!

Movers in Harrison

At UNITS® of Cincinnati, we tailor our services to fit your needs. Whether you need full-service moving or just a DIY move, we have you covered. Our portable moving container prices are based on the size of the container and the distance it needs to travel. We always provide a guaranteed price for our customers so that they know exactly what they're paying for upfront. Our top priority is making sure your next move is as stress-free as possible.
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Storage in Harrison, Ohio

Storage solutions in Harrison are a dime a dozen, but UNITS® of Cincinnati offers the best storage containers for your money. Our 12' or 16' mobile storage containers can be delivered right to your doorstep, and you can take as long as you need to load it up. When you're finished, we can either store it at your location or pick it up and keep it in our safe warehouse. At UNITS®, we provide a range of storage solutions to fit anyone's needs. Keep your container on-site for as little or long as you need. Our team takes pride in providing impeccable customer service and the most competitive storage prices in Cincinnati. You're guaranteed a fair price and swift delivery, no matter how much stuff you have! If you need self-storage delivered right to your doorsteps in Cincinnati, look no further than UNITS®.

Portable Storage

Harrison's other storage options require you to waste time and energy by renting a truck, making trips back and forth, and unloading and reloading your belongings until your container is full. Choose UNITS® of Cincinnati to avoid the stress that comes with renting a moving truck. You don't have to worry about gas prices, rental deadlines, or daily rates when we do all the driving for you. Plus, loading and unloading your belongings only once will save you time and money in the long run.

Business Storage

UNITS® of Cincinnati offers commercial organizations both short-term and long-term storage solutions that are cost-effective and expand your real estate investment. We understand that time is money in business, so we promise quick, reliable service. If you're looking for a go-to resource for commercial storage in Ohio, look no further than UNITS®!

UNITS® Moving & Storage Containers 

UNITS® storage containers in Harrison, Ohio, are well-built and suitable for all types of weather. They're designed to be both safe and easy to use. Our containers feature steel construction throughout, solid steel frames, and locking steel doors. Plus, they're the most resistant to inclement weather conditions on the market today.

A one-piece roof is designed to protect everything inside from bad weather. The best mobile storage containers that will last long are UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage containers. They're specifically designed to keep your belongings safe. Use UNITS® storage containers in Harrison!

Storage Sizes

UNITS® offers two sizes of portable storage containers for your convenience, 12' and 16'. Moving and storing has never been easier!

The 12' storage container is our most popular size. It can hold the contents of 3-4 rooms, a basement's worth of stuff, or large pieces like patio furniture, sofas, or dining room tables.

Our 16' storage containers come in handy for on-the-job remodeling or repair projects, family relocations, and first responders.

Moving and Storage Containers

UNITS® uses only the highest quality materials to manufacture our portable storage containers, so you can rest assured knowing your belongings are safe with us. We've been perfecting the art of mobile storage since 2004, and our containers have been tested across North America. They're built to withstand heat, sunlight, snow, and ice damage, making UNITS® the most reliable portable storage company on the market.

Self-Storage in Harrison Without Leaving Your Home

  • Secure – Your belongings will remain safe and secure during storing and moving processes!
  • Timeliness – All pick-up and drop-off times are accurate and speedy 
  • Optimal – You only have to load and unload your belongings once
  • Resourceful – Each storage container is manufactured with durable steel
  • Accessible – You can leave your containers on-site for 24/7 access
  • Guaranteed pricing – No fuel charges or rental fees, unlike local competitors
  • Environmentally flexible – Our steel containers are weather resistant and can be transported from any ground
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UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati container.

No Call Centers - Talk to a Local Expert

With UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage, you're guaranteed a local experience. We avoid call centers entirely so that you can speak with someone in your region who knows the area well. Our combination of low prices and high-quality service is what sets us apart from the competition. If you're ready to see the difference for yourself, contact UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati today!

Storage That is Safe and Secure

For 16 years, UNITS® of Cincinnati has been perfecting self-storage containers to best suit your needs. Whether you need storage for business or personal use, our mobile and weatherproof units will safeguard your belongings no matter the location or conditions. With over 15 years of excellence in the portable storage industry, UNITS® is a name you can trust for all your container needs.

Protect Your Belongings From Damage

The ROBO-UNIT Delivery System from UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati places storage containers in more locations than any other container storage business with ease, keeping your valuables safe at all times. Durable and long-lasting, our containers are the best on the market.

Get the Service You Deserve

UNITS® Portable Storage locations are customer-oriented businesses owned and operated by local families. UNITS storage containers and our ROBO-UNIT Delivery System are used by all of our dealers to guarantee a positive experience for everyone, every time. With us, you're guaranteed the best possible deals and service from people who appreciate your business. Renting one of our storage containers is like experiencing this difference for yourself!

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati container outside behind a building.

Store On-Site at Your Location

  • Storage containers delivered right to your door
  • Weather-resistant portable storage containers
  • Convenient mobile storage access 24/7
  • Secure storage - lockable, all-steel doors
  • Perfect for remodeling projects, garages organization, and seasonal items
  • Temporary storage for your business
  • Staging your home for sale
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UNITS® ROBO-UNIT Delivery System

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UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati uses the futuristic ROBO-UNIT Delivery System to provide portable storage containers. This state-of-the-art technology allows for your items to be stored safely and securely without fear of them moving or shifting during loading, unloading, or transportation.

The UNITS® ROBO-UNIT Delivery System can manage any type of terrain, including unpaved surfaces, sloping ground, or uneven grounds. Snow and rain won't stop the ROBO-UNIT from performing perfectly. Each storage container will be placed exactly where you want it without a single trace left behind. It's the most efficient container delivery system available today.

UNITS® is the only company that uses our ROBO-UNIT Delivery System, meaning we can do things that other companies cannot. No one delivers containers to more locations than UNITS®, and our system is secure and easy to use. Plus, your belongings will be kept exactly as you packed them, ensuring that everything arrives safely.

The UNITS® ROBO-UNIT is the best mobile storage container solution on the market. Its rapid delivery system means you're never late, and its containers can be dropped off or picked up in just 5 minutes.

UNITS® Moving Guide to Harrison, Ohio

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage containers are perfect for a variety of uses. We can take care of all your moving and storage needs, whether short or long-term, personal or professional.

If you're engaged in a restoration or remodeling project, need more storage space for inventory at your company, or are starting an organization from scratch, we are here to help! UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati will give you the best possible moving and storage options tailored to fit your needs. Our flexible, portable storage and relocation solutions are designed for your convenience.

Disaster Restoration

UNITS® is here to help you protect your property from any catastrophe with no notice or warning. Whether it's a storm, fire, water damage, or another issue, UNITS® is ready to assist. We store your belongings on-site or in our warehouse storage facility while the experts work on restoring your house.

Garage Makeovers

UNITS® can bring a weather-resistant 12' or 16' storage container to your home, so you can store anything you need without getting in the way of your next project. Keep all of your tools, equipment, and belongings nearby and easily accessible with UNITS®.