So, are you moving to Cheviot, OH? We at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati can help make your moving endeavors possible. How can we do that? Well, as a moving and packing service, our business makes sure to make the life of our client better by strategizing a moving plan for them that caters to their specific situation. 

We can promise you that we will deliver our UNITS containers to your doorstep as soon as you call us. Moreover, these UNITS involve the integration of the ROBO-Lift® technology. The reason why we include advanced technologies in our processes is to further enhance protection of the customer’s belongings, especially during transport, delivery and pickup.

Not only that, we also understand that customers are apprehensive of losing their valuables during the move. To counter this issue, we make sure to give them all the time they need to pack their belongings, without rushing the process. This makes it less likely for the clients to make a mistake out of panic.  

Along with this, the most practical solution is our climate controlled storage facility. Our clients have access to this facility and they can use it to store their precious and expensive belongings. If you or anyone you know are looking to move, then call us at (513) 214-2813 and get a free quote on one of our UNITS  containers. 

Local Attractions in Cheviot 

Cheviot is a place that is full of amazing local attractions. Along with local attractions, the place also has a friendly community and helpful neighbors. Here, you can walk across many parks, historic sites, and other spots for a lovely evening. 

Cheviot Recreation Commission

A place where the city decisions come to fruition. Driving across the city commission is one of the undiscovered pleasures of the Cheviot region that you must experience. Take in the historic and beautiful commission building.  

Keller’s Cheviot café

Out of the many bars and restaurants that you will find in Cheviot, this one stands out. It offers opportunities to mingle with the locals and also enjoy amazing food while experiencing wonderful customer service.

Packing Supplies in Cheviot 

Without foam wraps and boxes, it is very difficult to settle at a new location. This is why you must know about all the nearby packing supply locations in the area.  

The Home Depot

6300 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211, United States


Lowe’s Home Improvement

6150 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45247, United States


The Home Depot

3461 Joseph Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45251, United States


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