So, if you wish to make your settlement in Blue Ash, then we at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati can help move you to this beautiful neighborhood of Ohio, with much ease. As a moving and storage company, we can help you strategize, organize, and streamline your moving process. Our aim has always been to help the local community with their moving needs, and uplift them in their endeavors to start a better life elsewhere. 

How can we help? Well, to start with, we provide our clients with our UNITS containers. By delivering solid and durable containers at their doorstep, it helps us inaugurate the moving process in a systematic way. Since we place so much value in customer satisfaction, we make sure not to rush our clients into making a bad decision.  

Our UNITS containers come with the ROBO-Lift® technology, which protects your belongings from rough road conditions, bumps and traffic situations during container delivery and pickup. We also provide our client’s full access to our climate controlled storage facility. 

Here, our clients can store their valuables without worrying about losing it in the midst of the moving process. Overall, we are strongly connected to the local community, and aim to predicate our services in their assistance.  Call us today at (513) 214-2813 and get a free quote on one of our UNITS containers.  

Visit Blue Ash and its Attractions!

As a city in Hamilton County, Ohio, Blue Ash is home to many friendly neighbors and countless local attractions. It is the ideal place to raise a family, because of its safe and welcoming environment, along with serene green spaces.  

Blue Ash Nature Park

This communal park in Blue Ash is a location in which families come to enjoy and interact with the rest of the neighborhood. Thus, this is the perfect spot where you can get to know the rest of the community and build relationships with them. 

Fretboard Brewing Company

After an hour of exploring the sunny Blue Ash city, you will want to come here and cool off by enjoying a cold one. Apart from tasty beer, this place also serves fresh and tasty food. 

Home Improvement Stores in Blue Ash 

Without proper equipment and tools, settling to a new location can be challenging. Below are stores nearby that sell packing and storing supplies such as boxes and foam wraps.

The Home Depot

5203 Bardes Rd, Mason, OH 45040, United States


Lowe’s Home Improvement

9380 Mason Montgomery Rd, Mason, OH 45040, United States


Woods Hardware of Lockland

109 S Wayne Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45215, United States


Remember to call UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati today at (513) 214-2813 to get a free quote on our services and containers!

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