Getting prepared for your big move to Mariemont, Ohio? Are you on the hunt for the perfect local moving and storage company? Look no further – UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is here to help! 

We offer portable storage containers and local storage in Mariemont for your convenience. We know moving can be expensive so we made sure our portable storage containers are affordable.

It’s time to get packing! Call us and we’ll deliver a watertight container to your home.

Worrying about tight streets and parking is a thing of the past! With the help of our ROBO-Lift® technology, we can navigate any setup with zero complications.

We want your move to be enjoyable, so take your time packing.

Simply call us when you’re ready for the container to be transported. We’ll take it to your new home or our temperature-controlled facility. The choice is yours!

UNITS Moving and Storage is a locally owned business – we are proud to offer services that make your life easier. Call us today at (513) 214-2813 for a free quote!


Moving to Mariemont? Let Us Be Your Guide!

Moving to a new town can seem intimidating, and the best way to relieve that feeling is by integrating yourself into the town’s local scene. Here are three local attractions you should check out!

The Barn

Check out an art exhibit at The Barn! They also host an array of events, including classes, lectures, and social gatherings.

The National Exemplar

Sit down and have a bite to eat at everyone’s favorite local restaurant, The National Exemplar. You will love sipping on some wine while eating a classic American dish!

Newtown Farm Market

Pick up fresh produce and other local goodies at the Newtown Farm Market. They offer an array of old-fashioned candy!

Which one of these Mariemont hot spots will you be visiting first?


Moving and Packing Supplies in Mariemont

Make moving easier and more enjoyable with high-quality packing supplies. Visit any of these three stores to find everything you’ll need!

Hyde Park Ace

3812 Paxton Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45209

(513) 871-7500

The Home Depot

3400 Highland Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45213

(513) 631-1705

Lowe’s Home Improvement

5385 Ridge Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45213

(513) 731-6127


Let UNITS Moving and Storage make your big move to Mariemont, Ohio, a breeze! Moving should always be enjoyable – call us at (513) 214-2813  for a free quote on a storage container and facility.

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