Most people would love to have a stress-free relocation process irrespective of their destination. It can be very frustrating to move to a new location without having the right storage items. At UNITS Moving and Portable Storage, we are here to make your move hitch-free and seamless. We place the satisfaction of our customers as our topmost priority and we are committed to deliver top-quality services. 

Are you looking for local storage in Greendale, IN? UNITS is the reliable and trusted company that can help you store your items if you decide not to move directly to your new location. We have a highly secured storage facility that is also climate-controlled and very efficient in storing different items. Our unique business model is aimed at creating an air of satisfaction for our esteemed clients and also building their trust. 

We have also installed an advanced Robo-Lift® technology that optimizes our service delivery and improves our ability to serve you better. We understand the need to have UNITS containers that can withstand the different weights of items, and that’s why we are at the forefront of providing sturdy materials. You can let us know when you are set to move. We will be more than willing to offer you a seamless move to your destination in Greendale, IN. You can reach us at (513) 214-2813 to request a free quote.

Moving to Greendale, IN? Check Out These Local Attractions

Attractive parks

Do you want a nice place to relax with your family? Then you can visit some of the fun parks in Greendale, IN, such as Greendale Gazebo and Greendale Cabin to enjoy your time out.

Lovely Restaurants and bars

One of the local attractions of moving to Greendale, IN, is the presence of local bars and restaurants like Proof 124 Table and Tavern that offer a variety of food and wine for your pleasure. 

Good quality schools

At Greendale, OH, there are several top-quality private and public schools that your kids can attend. You can find good elementary and high schools in the town.

Moving Supplies & Packing Boxes in Greendale, IN

The following are places in Greendale, OH where you can buy portable storage materials and other essential hardware.

Lowe’s Home Improvement

970 W Eads Pkwy,

Chancellor Park 

Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

(704) 597-2000


Greendale General

504, North Avenue

Greendale, IN 47025

(812) 223-6084



Do you have plans of moving to Greendale, IN? Then do well to contact us today at (513) 214-2813 and get a free quote.

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