Moving and starting a new job are stressful events on their own, but dealing with both at the same time can be a lot to handle. To make sure that your moving experience is as hassle-free as possible, read on for some helpful tips from the team at UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ask about relocation benefits

It’s always best to check with your benefits coordinator about any relocation services they can offer. Your employer might have a relocation package or other benefits that can help make your transition a little easier. They may be able to cover your moving expenses or closing costs if you decide to sell your house.

Research the area

You should always do some research on housing expenses and the cost of living in your new location before you begin your move. Landing a new job with a higher salary is exciting, but if the new neighborhood is more expensive than the one you’re moving from, you may need to budget your finances more.

Hire a moving service

If your new job means you’ll be moving long-distance, it’s essential to use a reputable and insured moving company that handles this type of relocation. At UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage, we offer different storage container sizes and we’ll deliver your belongings to your new home for you.

Take care of transition details

Once you’re ready to start your big move, make sure you take care of the transitional details that can turn into a hassle. Have utility services, such as gas, electric, and Internet connections turned on in your new home on moving day to make things a little easier. You should also notify your credit card companies, banks, and other important contacts of your new address.

Moving to Cincinnati? Check out these local attractions

Cincinnati serves as the cultural center of a metropolitan area of over 2 million people. Proctor and Gamble has its worldwide head-quarters downtown along with many other large corporations. Cincinnati is often perceived as a sleepy midwestern metro area, but residents benefit from amenities such as museums, professional sports teams and a large selection of restaurants. Read on to see some of our favorite attractions in Cincinnati:


Findlay Market

Sizzling meats, freshly-baked breads and colorful pyramids of fruits and veggies are just a few of the enticements at the Findlay Market in downtown Cincinnati. This indoor/outdoor market features dozens of stalls with vendors selling meats, cheeses, wines, desserts and produce. In addition, artists peddle their crafts, jewelry and paintings; stone masons display their pots and pans; and florists show off their bouquets of flowers for sale. Shop ‘til you drop at this local attraction!

Cincinnati History Museum

Built in an abandoned railroad terminal, the Cincinnati History Museum chronicles the history of Cincinnati and its relevance to Ohio and the American Midwest. Step back in time to the days of trains, steam engines and suspender-clad conductors shouting the day’s schedule through the busy station. Browse the exhibits and galleries while costumed staff answers questions about the rise of this storied city.

Read on to find wrapping, packing, and moving supplies in the Cincinnati area to help you with your furniture moving process:

The Home Depot

3400 Highland Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45213

(513) 631-1705

Lowe’s Home Improvement

5385 Ridge Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45213

(513) 731-6127

The UPS Store

2692 Madison Road, Ste. N1

Cincinnati, OH 45208

(513) 531-0100


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