We want to congratulate you on your successful move! Now that you have taken the time to unpack your belongings, get settled in with your family and have your other items on their way from the portable storage moving company, you can now go explore.

Here are five fun, family friendly activities you can do right away:

  • Tourist traps can actually be a great thing! Make a list of the most popular locations in your new town or city and possibly plan to go at a time when it will not be so busy, so perhaps In the fall, the early morning or late afternoon! However, if you love people, go when it’s the busiest so you can meet new friends.
  • Say hello to all of your neighbors and local businesses. As this will happen naturally overtime, you can get a head start by introducing yourself to the neighborhood. Depending on where you live, park your car and walk around or even drive from one spot to the next to say hello and make new friends along the way.
  • Participate in local events: Perhaps there is an upcoming art fair, parade or local concert that you want to attend. Well, now is the chance to add those to your calendars and bring your family or new friends along! A good place to review upcoming local events is your town’s or city’s government website. That is always a great resource!
  • Take a mini vacation: Especially if you have moved across country, it may take time for the movers to make their way to your new home. Know when they will arrive, and if you have enough time, plan a little vacation away with your family relatively close to your new home before you have to unpack everything.
  • Your children are the guides: Ask your children where they would want to go for the day. Who knows, it might lead you to unexpected and fun instances!

The world is yours to explore and we hope you enjoy your new home. So, think out of the box and be spontaneous! Let this experience help your family grow and create new memories. https://unitsstorage.com/

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