Closets are frequently packed with clothing, but only a fraction of what individuals own is ever put to use. There’s no better moment to go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything you don’t want or need than while you’re relocating!

If you need help figuring out which clothing pieces should go, don’t worry, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is here to offer some tips!

They No Longer Fit

People change in weight and garment sizes throughout their life, but it also indicates that you may have a lot of things you no longer wear. It’s time to get rid of anything that’s a few sizes too big or small.

It’s Not Your Style

Trends rise and fall, yet clothes remain in closets for years after their popularity has waned. It’s time to let go of any clothing that doesn’t reflect your current style. Several trends have come back since history began, but they rarely return for another two decades.

There’s Damage

We’ve all got an item with a stain, hole, or tear on it that we don’t want to get rid of. Some people believe in repurposing it at some point in the future. If you haven’t done anything about it after months or years, you should probably let go.

What to Do With the Clothing

We advised in the last tip to get rid of clothes with damage, but what about the rest of your clothing? Any apparel you believe still has life in it should be donated or sold. There are several resale clothes apps accessible for download. If you want to clear out everything at once, have a yard sale!

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