As portable storage containers have become a more and more popular alternative to traditional moving services, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about and more importantly, why on earth would anyone want a portable storage container parked in their driveway?

Aside from the nice bit of branding we get from those UNITS sitting in your neighbor’s driveway, your neighbor is taking advantage of a convenient, flexible, and trusted portable storage option, most likely for a few reasons.

  • The joining of two households. When people move in together, they often own duplicate sets of bedroom furniture, kitchen appliances, TVs, piles of books, or simply more stuff than the new place can handle. Perhaps a recent college grad is moving back home and a room needs clearing out. Or the grad needs to put items away. Or an older adult (parent?) is moving in. In any of these cases, a storage unit provides a temporary and safe holding place.
  • Selling a home. Realtors will pick up on a cluttered home very quickly and like to open up space for the purpose of enticing a buyer. Furniture can easily go to a storage unit until a move is made.
  • Downsizing. When people retire, they often find they need less square footage and fewer rooms than before. The contents of a four-bedroom home will not fit in a one-bedroom oceanside condo. What to do? Storage for the excess. It buys time for making further decisions.
  • Moving. That’s right, the UNIT parked in your neighbor’s driveway could also mean the inevitable. Gladys Kravitz might finally be moving out or perhaps some nice new folks are moving in.

Moving and portable storage solutions by UNITS give you additional freedom as you make life decisions. Call us today!


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