Let’s make one thing very clear, the best time in your life to move cross country or around the world is when you are ready. No matter your age, financial situation or family situation, deciding to take that big leap is your decision alone. Perhaps you are in your 20’s and want to adventure by living in a new state. Perhaps you have a family and you want to try living in a new country. Or you could be a retiree and want to move somewhere warm and luxurious. Earth is a big place and there are endless options for us (until they open Mars for visitors). This blog will breakdown each category from young adults, to parents and retirees and show how each transition can effect ones life.

For Young Adults: You may be tired of living in the same town you grew up in and are ready to move on. Although it may be hard to accept at first, your family will eventually understand and be happy for you, and even if they are not, then you have to make this decision a positive one in your life and feel good about it. When you’re in your 20’s, you are just starting to really see the world. Your mind is a sponge and soaking in all of the moments. When you move somewhere totally new it helps you to:

  • Open up to different perspectives
  • Break out of your comfort zone
  • Make new relationships
  • Realize that home is wherever you go

For Families: Relocating with your family is a wonderful thing and can bring more fun and adventure into the household. However, it can also be classified as the more challenging thing to do as well. You may have gotten a great job offer in a new state and have chosen to pickup and move a life you just started. If you are moving with little children, their world is their family and leaving some family behind may confuse them. As a parent, you must explain in a way they understand that this move is good and there will be a lot of new friends to make and things to see. Your children love you and will go anywhere with you, so bring them along on a new adventure.

For Retirees: It has been a long journey to have worked so hard in life, raised a family and made great memories, to now wanting to relocate to a new state and start a new chapter. Many retirees want to move somewhere warm such as Arizona, Florida or Tennessee and find a community to be a part of, make new friends, go to events and so on. The biggest disadvantage of moving to a new state, is leaving family and friends behind that have been able to visit easily all the time. However, with the many options of transportation available, it is now easier than ever to jump on a plane and visit your grandkids, or they could come visit you!

Relocation in every case can be difficult to accomplish, although it is very possible to make it a positive move. Remember, if you are in need of support, UNITS® is here to help with your big move.

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