Lots of people use their garage space as not just a place for their vehicles to be safe from the elements (mostly), but also as extra storage space they can’t find in their house. Have you ever wondered how to navigate what to store in your garage and what to keep in your house? Read on to find out our tips on what to store where.


In the garage: the most important thing to remember about your garage is that while it’s protected from the weather, it’s definitely not impenetrable. This means that, unless you have a specially temperature-controlled garage, your garage probably isn’t climate controlled. You should prioritize things that won’t erode with humidity or crack with the cold weather. Items like this include your power tools, your lawn mower, bikes, outdoor furniture, car supplies, boats/canoes/kayaks, and other outdoor recreational or sports tools like skis and bats. The specifics of what your store in your garage is contextual of your local climate – if you live in a rainy area, you may want to keep your bikes somewhere else as they may rust. The bottom line: store things in your garage that are weather-resistant.


In the house: as the most important thing to remember with garage storing is the lack of temperature control, the thing to remember about your house is that it provides lots of insulation and can be temperature-controlled to protect your more sensitive items. One category of these items would be electronics – you want to make sure they’re always in the house. Cold and moisture damage can be irreparable when it comes to electronics, so you’ll want to take extra care with them. Things that are easily affected by moisture should always stay in the house, such as clothing and bedding and other cloth items. Not only will you be protecting your items from the elements, but you will also reduce the chance of critters that like to seek shelter in your garage from getting into your clothes. Speaking of critters, they have very little regard for our worldly items – make sure you keep anything fragile such as glass or porcelain items in the safety of your home. Other things that are heavily affected by moisture that you’ll want to keep indoors include pieces of art, furniture, and vinyl records. The garage can get messy, too – don’t store precious childhood memories or important paperwork in the way of places where they can get dirty or damaged.


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