A UNITS storage container is a safe and secure place to put your valuables. We know you want your goods back in the same condition as when you entrusted us with them.

This is much easier accomplished if you know ahead of time what NOT to place in a storage container for the long haul (or even a short one). Here’s a short list to guide you as you prepare to pack up a room or your house for storage. These are items you should not put in your UNITS storage unit.

  • Food. Whether it’s for people or pets, just don’t do it. Food will spoil, and as it does it will attract mice, other rodents, and bugs. Trust us, once they invade your UNITS storage container, they will not content themselves with just devouring the food. Your other items (books, clothing) will also be at risk.
  • Hazardous materials. Fuels such as gasoline, oils, or propane may not be stored. The same goes for anything that is corrosive or flammable. The risk to your property and that of others is way too high. Thinking of storing garden equipment? OK, but only if you drain all oil and gas from the machine.
  • Living things. This includes pets, farm animals, and plants. It is illegal to put animals in storage for any period of time. Plants, of course, will die without light or water.

Have questions about what might be suitable for a portable storage unit? Call the experts at UNITS Moving & Portable Storage.

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