There is a movement of Tiny Homes sweeping the nation! I know it sounds a bit funny, but we are serious when we say this. Tiny homes are architectural masterpieces that can be lived out of and the perfect sanctuary for when you are on the road traveling, as some are placed on wheels, hitched on a car and can then go anywhere you go. The idea of the Tiny Home Movement is living simply in small homes. Many of these Tiny homes are not tiny at all, most measuring in 600 square feet and can have many uses.

There are many reasons to why Tiny Homes are great, and perhaps you can utilize them for your move as well, by storing your belongings in there! Here are four (4) advantages of Tiny Homes:

  1. Lower Expenses. It’s possible to build a tiny house for $23,000 on average. Many people build their own homes so they can customize the amenities, such as building a kitchen, a bathroom, a reading or drawing nook and so much more. Many people also build smart storage spaces for belongings in their Tiny Homes, and the possibilities are endless.
  2. No Mortgage. 68% of tiny house owners own their homes free and clear. You could also finance your home with a personal or unsecured loan from a bank, online lender or credit union.
  3. Cheaper to maintain. As you may be living off the grid in your tiny home you can heat the entire space with a small wood stove and power it solar array. Many tiny houses even have composting toilets, which break down waste.
  4. A simpler life. People who live in tiny homes, may not have material ideas. They usually keep only the essentials and live a minimalistic lifestyle. And also what’s great is you can simply travel anywhere with you Tiny Home!

Have we introduced Tiny Homes to you for the first time with this blog? If we did, there are endless resources online about Tiny Homes, if you are interesting in buying or building one yourself. As always, where there are advantages to something, disadvantages follow, so please do your research if you want to join the Tiny Home Movement!

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