With the pandemic still surging, many people seek places to get tested and vaccinated for Covid-19 that are in convenient locations and not as crowded as doctor’s offices and hospitals. Who knew that portable storage containers could be used as places to get tested or vaccinated? They are becoming a popular choice for medical professionals. Here are some reasons why portable storage containers can make great testing labs:

  1. The portable storage containers can be moved anywhere in the county and go to some more remote locations to better serve those communities.
  2. The containers need very little setup and maintenance.
  3. The containers help with the prevention of COVID-19 spreading from patient to patient because many of the procedures include the patient getting tested from their car and the sample is then processed in the unit.
  4. The containers can easily be wiped down and disinfected.
  5. You can store medical equipment onsite or in our climate-controlled storage facilities.

The use of portable storage units for COVID-19 testing is a unique idea and it seems to be working well in testing. In testing, it seems to help to “slow the spread” now that more people get faster access to their test results. Let’s continue moving forward in the right direction.

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