Spring is the season of cleaning, April showers and May flowers, but is it a good time of year to move? It's not always that we have a choice in choosing which time of year we move, but every season presents it's own pros and cons that often revolve around weather and accessibility.

But to help put your mind at ease in case you're moving this spring, check out our 3 perks for moving in the spring!

1. Better weather, no matter where you're moving to.

No matter where you are moving to within the United States, spring often brings around a wave of warmer weather. Everyone knows that moving is an exhausting, stressful and daunting task without taking the weather into consideration. But when you're moving in the freezing cold or sweltering heat, it's even less enjoyable. Spring weather provides a pleasant middle ground between the chilliness of winter and the sultriness of summer, making for a more comfortable moving experience. Because of the mild temperatures and cool breezes, you won’t have to worry about catching a cold or sweating through your clothing. The only downside is that spring is notorious for being the rainiest season, so there is a chance that your move might be slowed down because of showers.

2. Lots of flexibility with moving and storage services.

It should come at absolutely no surprise that the warm summer months are often the peak of moving season. This often means that availabilty for moving services is limited and you'll likely have to settle for whichever dates the moving company has available. But the spring isn't quite the same story. Since spring is a less competitive season for moving, it’s much easier to secure the move-in date you want—even on short notice.

3. Spring is a great time to sell.

With summer being the peak season to move, it also means that spring is an ideal time to put your house on the market ahead of that busy summer transitional period. You'll also most likely have ample inventory to choose your next home from by moving in the spring.

For more information about moving this spring, find a UNITS franchise near you, get a quote and have your own UNIT delivered to your door today!

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