Moving can be a hassle, especially moving with small children. Not only do you  have to worry about selling your home, packing, and leaving your current one for  a new one, but you also have to worry about preparing your children for a new  journey in a new place. UNITS Moving & Portable Storage makes packing up  your belongings an easier, less stressful experience. We can deliver one of our portable storage containers to your home, allowing you to store all of your items at your own pace.  

This is a great way to have your children participate and feel involved in the moving process. They can help you sort various items, which can be a fun,  encouraging activity. Once you’re done packing up your things, you can give us a call and we’ll pick up the portable storage container and drop it off at your new  home. That way, you don’t have to worry about moving back and forth with your children.  

If you’d like to rent a portable storage container to make the moving process as  smooth as possible with your kids, call UNITS Moving & Portable Storage at  (855) 981-8648 or contact us online today.

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