Storage containers are a great way to store things, but they can become out of hand if you don’t handle them with care. After all, if you fill your storage container with too many family memories or holiday decorations, it will soon become chaotic! While it may be difficult to keep things in order, follow these tips and tricks from UNITS Moving and Portable Storage to make organizing a storage container easy!

Purchase supplies and create a list

To begin, stock up on all of the required supplies, such as totes, boxes, tape, tags, and markers to help you manage your storage container. A dolly can also make moving much easier. To keep your things in order, organize them into categories and create a list of everything that will be kept inside the container.

Store large, heavy items towards the back of the unit

The rear of your unit should be filled with big furnishings and boxes. If you can, break down your furniture and set it up upright on its sides to make more room. Before adding heavier objects to your pile of boxes, check to see whether there is enough vertical storage space.

Place items that you use more frequently in the front of the unit

Place items you’ll need right away in the front of the storage container, even if you’re only storing things for a short amount of time. Labels on boxes are also quite helpful. Clear storage containers, rather than cardboard boxes, are another smart idea since they let you keep track of what’s inside without having to remove the lid!

We hope these tips will help you pack your UNITS container as efficiently as possible! To get a free quote on your UNITS container, call UNITS Moving and Portable Storage today!

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