Customers use our portable storage containers for a wide range of purposes – after all, there are almost countless reasons why one could use some extra space. The convenience of being able to store equipment, belongings, furniture, supplies, or anything in between on-site or in a secure, climate-controlled storage facility is simply unmatched. However, the team at UNITS© Moving & Portable Storage have observed that customers tend to utilize our portable storage containers in one of three ways – though these are by no means the only ways to utilize them!

Temporary Portable Storage Rental

Need extra storage space for an event? Many of our customers utilize our portable storage containers as a way to keep extra supplies or equipment on hand for outdoor events, construction sites, or even as a way to facilitate deep house cleaning or home staging. Having the added short-term flexibility can be invaluable and incredibly convenient.

Long-Term Portable Storage Rental

Moving to a new home or apartment that simply doesn’t have the space for all your stuff? Need space to store a college student’s belongings during summer breaks? Long-term portable storage rental is the answer. Having on-site portable storage options can also be very convenient for offices or facilities that don’t have the extra indoor space to spare for extra inventory, equipment, or supplies.

Portable Storage Rentals for Moving

Last but not least, many of our customers utilize our UNITS© portable storage containers to facilitate their moves. Moving to a new home can be stressful enough by itself – keeping your belongings safe and secure during the process can give you a priceless peace of mind.

However you use our portable storage containers, you can trust that they will keep their contents safe, secure, and easily accessible. If you’d like to book a container for your next move, call UNITS© Moving & Portable Storage at (855) 981-8648 or contact us online today!

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