There are a few things to take care of before you start moving. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage is here to assist with every aspect of your move. Use this checklist to make sure everything goes according to plan during your move.

Pack Well in Advance

To ensure that you don’t succumb to pressure and chaos, begin packing your belongings as soon as possible. Packing early will also guarantee that the movers won’t arrive before you are done. Furthermore, to prevent fragile items from sustaining any damage due to heavier items being placed on top of them, put delicate things at the peak of each box you pack.

Purchase Necessities

Before you commence unpacking, it is essential to have all the large pieces, such as furniture and appliances, taken care of. If something is absent, quickly place an order, or else you may not be able to buy it later on!

Pets and Plants 

Ensuring the well-being and protection of your pets and plants should take priority, so it’s important to get them settled in as quickly as possible. Make sure your furry friends have a cozy space while traveling, and entrust somebody you can count on to take care of your flora.

Notify Utilities

Finally, contact your local utility companies to apprise them of the transition. Not only should you reach out to your internet and cable providers but also phone companies as well. By calling ahead and giving a heads-up, you can avert any service interruptions or disruptions.

You can avoid any headaches or difficulties that may arise during your move by following this checklist and addressing these concerns ahead of time. Check out the UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage blog for more useful tips.

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