Storing, rearranging, and transporting furniture can often be one of the most arduous household tasks we can undertake. Besides the simple fact that most furniture is heavy and inconvenient to move around, it can also represent significant purchases that we want to ensure stay in top condition. If you are utilizing portable storage containers to move your furniture or store it long-term, you will want to take some steps to ensure that it remains secure and undamaged. Read on for some helpful tips from the team at UNITS© Moving & Portable Storage!

Clean furniture before storing.

Before you store furniture in a portable storage container, make sure you address any spills, grime, or dirt – otherwise, they will set and become even harder to remove. Wipe off dust and dirt and use appropriate cleaning solutions. Then, after your furniture has air-dried, wrap it in protective blankets.

Wrap your furniture to avoid dings and dents.

While our portable storage units are designed to ensure maximum stability and security, wrapping your furniture in moving blankets will ensure that you avoid scratches or other potential damage. Old linens and blankets work, as well. Box springs and mattresses should be covered in plastic to ensure they remain clean and free from allergens.

Store your furniture tactically.

With a little foresight, organizing your furniture storage is easy. Generally, you will want to line the back wall with heavy items that you can place other items on. Place lighter and softer items on top to make the best use of your space. In fact, wherever there is empty space – whether on top or, say, under a table – try to fill it, as this helps prevent items from shifting. Last but not least, keep your most important furniture (like your mattress) towards the front and easily accessible.

We hope these tips help as you store your furniture. Whether you are moving or simply needed the extra space, call UNITS© Moving & Portable Storage at (855) 981-8648 or contact us online to book your container today!

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