Extreme temperatures are commonly cited as the most challenging part of storing belongings. Many homeowners are devastated when they take furniture and other temperature-sensitive items out of storage after a long winter to discover cracking and humidity (or the lack of) damage. We’ve compiled some of the best tricks and strategies you can use to protect your stuff against the cold climate of the winter months.


Take care with electronics and batteries:

Despite the rugged and sturdy design of many common summer appliances and outdoor utility items, don’t store anything with complex electrical components or batteries in the cold! Prolonged exposure to the cold and temperature fluctuations over days and weeks can create condensation inside your electronics, causing permanent damage or a full cessation of functionality. If your device includes batteries, they can also burst and leak toxic battery acid on your stuff!


Consider moisture:

Think carefully about the moisture content of your items. Wooden furniture is a perfect example; the water naturally contained in the wood will expand as it cools and freezes, which can cause serious damage to the object in question, especially if the wood is finished. Instead, send your metal and plastic out to your storage unit, and get some more use out of that lovely wooden bowl that sits in the back of the cabinet!


Prep your expensive items properly:

Many of the most expensive things Americans commonly store can greatly benefit from a bit of prep before they go into storage for the season! If you are storing a bike for the colder months, make sure to lubricate the chain and any other mechanical elements, to protect them from long term moisture exposure. We also recommend you fully empy the gas tank in chainsaws, lawnmowers, or any other gas powered device, to avoid possible corrosive damage from old fuel.


Clean out any foodstuffs:

We definitely recommend cleaning your grill or outdoor stove thoroughly, and ensuring that any food you store is vacuum-sealed. This will disincentivize any critters from attempting to eat into your storage unit and damage your stuff!


With these tips in mind, you’ll be better equipped to make the important decisions when it comes to your winter storage. When you’re ready to get your UNIT delivered to your home or business, get a FREE quote online TODAY at: https://unitsstorage.com/ 

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