Simplify Your Holidays With Portable Storage 

The holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and festive decorations that add a touch of magic to our homes. But once the celebrations are over, the daunting task of storing away those holiday decorations can quickly turn the joy into stress. This is where we step in. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage delivers an easy and efficient solution to keep your holiday decor organized and safe until next year. Let’s discuss how easily portable storage can reduce your holiday storage woes.

Convenience at Your Doorstep: UNITS® brings convenience right to your home. No more hauling heavy boxes in and out of your car or cramming your garage with endless bins of decorations. With UNITS®, a portable storage container is delivered to your home, ready to be loaded with holiday items. You can keep the container on your property for quick, easy access, or UNITS® will transport the container to a secure facility, keeping your seasonal belongings safe until you’re ready for their return.
Ample Space for All Decorations: Whether you have a modest collection of holiday decorations or an extensive assortment, UNITS® offers containers in various sizes, including 8′, 12′, 16′, and 20′ options, to accommodate your needs. From trees and ornaments to wreaths and lights, there’s ample space to keep everything organized and protected.
Pack at Your Own Pace: One of the most stressful aspects of holiday storage is the exhausting process of packing everything away immediately after the celebrations. With UNITS®, you can pack at your own pace. Take the time to carefully wrap delicate ornaments and properly organize your decorations without the pressure of an impending deadline or breaking your favorite reindeer statue.
Weather-Resistant, Critter-Resistant, and Secure: UNITS® takes safety and security seriously. Our all-steel portable storage containers are designed to withstand various weather conditions and furry friends, protecting your holiday decorations. The roofs are corrugated for optimal durability and to make water runoff easier. Our floors are coated to provide a waterproof, non-slip, non-toxic, non-flammable surface. Lastly, our barn doors are equipped with a lockable latch, creating a tight seal and preventing unwanted access to your things.
Reduce Clutter at Home: A clutter-free home is a breath of fresh air after the holidays. Instead of letting holiday decor take up valuable space in your living areas, transfer them into a portable storage container from UNITS®. Your home will feel more organized and open, creating a welcoming environment for the new year and reducing post-holiday stress.
No Need for Off-Site Storage: Traditional off-site storage facilities can be a hassle to get to, especially during the busy holiday season and the cost of gas. Portable storage containers eliminate the need to travel back and forth to a distant storage facility. You’ll have access to your decorations whenever you need them without the extra hassle. Your car will thank you later!
Stress-Free Retrieval: When the next holiday season rolls around, retrieving your decorations is a breeze when you store them with portable storage. UNITS® ensures stress-free retrieval by delivering the portable storage container back to your home whenever you’re ready for the next holiday season, making the process effortless and convenient for you.
Year-Round Storage Solutions: Portable storage containers are not just for the holiday season. They provide year-round storage solutions for various needs, from storing precious mementos to finally packing away those Summer outfits. This versatility ensures you get the most value from your storage investment, making it an ideal solution for all seasons.

Storing holiday decorations doesn’t have to be a daunting task that overshadows the joy of the holiday season. With portable storage containers from UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage, you can simplify and streamline the process, making it easy to keep your decorations safe and organized until the next celebration. Embrace the convenience, security, and peace of mind that UNITS® brings, and make holiday storage stress-free. For more assistance, visit UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage or call (855) 981-8648.

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