It’s getting to be that time across the nation where we begin to put away the many items we won’t use or that we want to protect during the winter ahead and when many of us may need to unload seasonal items for a move further south.

No matter where you’re heading, UNITS® can provide the perfect storage unit for folks who will be storing items or looking to utilize a portable storage container for a local or long distance move. No matter what your moving or storage situation, many of the following tips are applicable whether you will be placing things in your garage, basement, or shed, or a new home across town.

Whether it’s patio furniture or a grill, it would probably make it through a harsh winter outdoors, but the life expectancy and cleanliness would be longer and better if everything were properly secured whether you’re staying in your old house or you’re moving to a new one. So here we go …

  • Before you decide to store it, decide whether it’s a keeper. If the patio furniture is worn and likely to be replaced, dispose of it. Think of this as autumn cleaning.
  • While we’re on the topic of cleaning, anything going into storage at your place or at UNITS should be cleaned well before it is put away. A commercial cleaner or detergent and water should do the trick. Please clean grill grates well if you are storing a grill. Food particles attract insects and smell as they decay. Also disconnect the propane tank and do not store it with us. Lawn mowers and other gas-powered equipment should be drained of fuel and oil per manufacturer’s recommendations before storing.
  • Anything left outside in the elements should be well covered so that it doesn’t rust, mildew, or suffer other damage from being outdoors.

It’s that time. Get your residence ready for winter. Put away the outdoor playthings, and rely on UNITS® to help with your storage needs.

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