Let’s think outside of the box! There are over sixteen (16) different types of shipping containers and each has its own purpose. Some containers are designed to ship vehicles over long distances, some are refrigerated to ship food, and some are used to ship household belongings on a move. Whatever the type of container, some people utilize them for their own purpose!

Here are some of the coolest transformations of shipping containers:

  • Shipping Container Homes! Yes, that is right. Some people place several shipping containers (or just one) together and live out of them. Check out this site for the Top 20 Shipping Container Home Designs: 24hplans.com
  • Shipping Container Farms! With technology on the rise and new risks being taken in the food industry, growing hydroponic food is sustainable because it saves space, has a faster growth time, conserves water and can be grown in any climate. Many people are utilizing shipping containers to develop their own greenhouses. Check out Freight Farm and how they transformed shipping containers into a genius sustainable business. freightfarms.com
  • A bridge made from shipping containers! In Tel Aviv, a shipping container bridge was designed by the architecture firm Yosef Messer Architects. It is planned to be built over Trash Mountain. Read the article for the proposed structure. messer-architects.co.il
  • Art Galleries. Shipping container galleries are starting to pop-up more and more within the art world. Each container gallery is unique; some have their walls painted and play live music, while others have white walls to feature the art hung around. Many are also on wheels and travel around the country. Check out a few on Gateway Containers. Have you ever seen a container art gallery? gatewaycontainersales.com.au

I think we made our case that shipping containers can be transformed anyway, as long as there is a vision. Although you cannot buy a shipping container from UNITS®, you can certainly rent one! https://unitsstorage.com/

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