Most people dislike moving since it can be quite stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way! UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage can help with every step of the relocation process. Here are 20 of the finest tools for use:

1. Moving blankets: You’ll need several things to keep your furnishings and valuables safe during the move.

2. Furniture pads: A protective measure that you must have.

3. Boxes: To pack your belongings, you’ll need a lot of boxes.

4. Tape: For sealing boxes and other packaging materials.

5. Bubble wrap: For extra protection for your fragile items.

6. Markers: For labeling boxes and other belongings.

7. Straps: To protect boxes and furniture during transit.

8. Dollies: For moving large items like furniture.

9. Hand trucks: For smaller things that can be readily picked up and carried by hand.

10. Labels: For marking boxes with what’s inside them.

11. Knife: For cutting through tape and packaging materials.

12. Level: To make certain your furniture is secure and level after transporting it.

13. Chalk: To mark a path for the movers to follow.

14. Stapler: For securing packing materials together.

15. Scissors: For cutting packing materials to size.

16. Garbage bags: To dispose of unneeded packaging materials.

17. Pen: To make notes on boxes and other belongings.

18. Permanent marker: For writing down contact information and other important notes.

19. Calculator: To help with estimating the cost of your move.

20. Movers: For professional assistance with moving your belongings.

With these tools, you’ll be ready to face your next move with ease! Check out the UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage blog for more useful tips and moving advice.

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