Preparing for a Flood: Essential Steps to Safeguard Your Home and Family

Natural disasters can be devastating and destructive, causing significant damage to homes and posing risks to the safety of individuals and families. According to FEMA, whether “…you live in an area with low or moderate flood risk, you are five times more likely to experience flood than a fire in your home over the next 30 years.” While we cannot control floods, you can proactively reduce their impact. By preparing in advance, you can protect your home, secure important documents, and ensure the safety of your loved ones. Here are some crucial measures from UNITS Moving and Portable Storage to help you prepare for a flood effectively.

Get Flood Insurance

Obtaining flood insurance is one of the most crucial steps in preparing for a flood. Many homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover flood-related damages, so securing a separate flood insurance policy is essential. Evaluate your property’s flood risk level and consult with insurance providers to determine the appropriate coverage that suits your needs.

Take a Household Inventory 

Creating a complete inventory of household items is essential for insurance claims and replacing damaged belongings. Take photographs or videos of each room, including valuable items, electronics, furniture, and appliances. Store this documentation in a safe place away from your home or somewhere where it can be accessible anywhere, such as a cloud storage service or an external hard drive.

Store Important Documents Safely

Gather and protect critical documents such as birth certificates, passports, insurance policies, property deeds, and financial records. Place them in a waterproof and fireproof container or sealable plastic bags. Consider storing them in a secure off-site location, such as a safe deposit box or a portable storage container. Using portable storage from UNITS, you can safely store documents or anything else of value and have that container stored in any of our climate-controlled storage facilities nationwide to keep them protected long-term.

Waterproof Your Basement

Basements and crawl spaces are particularly vulnerable to flood damage. Take measures to waterproof your basement or crawl space to decrease the risk of water seepage. Ensure your foundation is in good condition and seal any cracks or gaps. Install a sump pump and consider a battery-powered backup system to help prevent flooding and water buildup.

Elevate or Move Furniture

Raise your furniture and electronics off the floor to minimize potential damage. Move electronics to higher levels of your home, preferably an elevated area, such as a shelf or the second floor. Storing old or valuable furniture that may be susceptible to water damage can be beneficial, such as storing in a lifted shed or portable storage container. You may even want to consider investing in waterproof covers for furniture that cannot be moved easily.

Create an Emergency Kit

Prepare an emergency kit with essential supplies such as non-perishable food, water, medications, flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, and a portable radio. Make sure to store the kit in an easily accessible location on the upper floor, away from potential floodwaters.

Secure Utilities and Outdoor Items

Learn how to shut off your home’s electricity, gas, and water mains to preserve your home. Consider installing check valves to prevent flood water from backing up into drains. Move outdoor furniture, equipment, and other items indoors or secure them to prevent them from becoming projectiles in strong winds or floating away during floods.

Preparing for a flood is essential for protecting your home and ensuring your family’s safety. By taking proactive measures such as obtaining flood insurance, securing important documents, waterproofing your basement, elevating furniture, and creating an emergency plan, you can significantly reduce the potential damage and disruption caused by flooding. Stay informed about flood risks in your area, and regularly review and update your preparedness measures to ensure you are always ready to face the challenges posed by floods.

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