Even if you are using storage services for some of your larger items, everyone could use more space for the smaller things that take up a large amount of space. Organization is often easier said than done and can often become more expensive than one might think! We’ve provided a few creative DIY storage solutions for items around the home that don’t quite belong in storage facilities and won’t break the bank.

Cabinet Knobs Turned Decorative Hooks

This is an incredibly inexpensive, quick fix for items that often wind up laying around and cluttering up your space. You can easily place larger hooks behind the screw of the knob before twisting it into the wall as seen in the photo above to hang items such as your purse on. This is also a great solution for the bathroom to hang wet towels on or in a bedroom to hang jewelry, hats or ties on. Pro tip: this is a must for those of you who are constantly searching for your car keys!

Repurposed Shutters Turned Storage Console Table

Perhaps it’s time to replace your interior shutters. Instead of throwing them out, repurpose them! For this simple project, you’ll just need a few additional planks of wood, pegs for the legs, knobs, hinges and a can of paint. The beauty of this project is that the furniture piece can be adjusted in size fairly easily depending on how much storage you need and it actually becomes quite an attractive addition to your decor!

Mason Jars Turned Hanging Food Canisters

You may not realize how much space larger food items are taking up in your pantry until you find another method for storing them! Just the packaging alone can consume valuable shelving space throughout your kitchen. Attaching mason jar lids underneath your cabinets creates additional storage you would not have otherwise, fosters a fun farmhouse design and actually preserves the food more effectively.

Garage Shelving Tuned New Office Space

You probably recognize this style of shelving from seeing it in garages or sheds. It’s fairly inexpensive, easy to install and creates a highly functional workspace with as much room as you like for additional shelving! Another perk of this project is that it doesn’t involve much additional craftwork such as painting or embellishing.

Plastic Piping Turned Slots for Tools

Without a method of organization, yard tools inevitably end up laying across the floor in your garage or shed occupying way more space than necessary. Plumbers piping comes in many different forms- all inexpensive- and can be purchased at any home improvement store. Simply cut, glue to two pieces plywood with industrial glue and nail the new product into the wall of your garage or shed at the desired height. You’ll be amazed by how much new space you have for other items.

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