Contemporary home style encompases a combination of styles from the latter half of the 20th century. Soft and rounded edges coupled with natural tones like brown, taupe, and cream make up most contemporary homes. It’s modern, but not stuffy. You still feel as if you can touch the furniture, but you also wouldn’t want to spill red wine on their comfy armchair. The person who decorates their home in a contemporary style feels as if comfort should not sacrifice style. While furniture may be primarily neutral tones, they aren’t afraid to bolden up and add in colorful throw pillows or a patterned rug. They like to play it safe in their life too, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. They simply choose when and where to show their wild side. And they do so in a stylish and sophisticated manner. This is your friend who is probably going to have 3 kids in 3 years or be a super successful accountant who “just so happened” to have her home featured on a blog last week.


Cottage style is characterized by coziness. From furniture that may have (or just appear to have been) passed down over generations to bright white shiplap walls, these homes exude the feel of a stylish grandma’s dwelling. But the person who lives here doesn’t have to be old. Recently, cottage chic has become a popular style choice of young homeowners. Those who design their home with cottage style appreciate the old, but they mainly appreciate the unique. They are simple and laid back, but they still want a cohesive look. Even if things look old, they may actually be brand new. People who design their homes to reflect the cottage style want to feel cozy as soon as they walk in their front door. Having a sense of security is important to them, and they want every visitor to also feel that way. This is your friend who goes antiquing on Saturdays and buys things like a washboard from the 1940’s.


Mismatched patterns, tons of textures, a gallery of artwork. That’s what makes up the eclectic home style. The person who designs their home in an eclectic style simply wants to be surrounded by things that make them feel good. Bright colors may adorn the wall. Lighting may be provided via unique hanging lanterns. The options are honestly endless. Yet, it all seems to work. People who decorate in this style are unique, typically extroverted, and they have a personal style that is reflected in everything they do. They don’t care if the furniture matches the rug. They just know they like them. And, usually, the mismatching actually works aesthetically because their home style becomes an extension of their personal style. This is your friend who can pull off the best outfits that you never even thought of putting together. 


Industrial style is repurposed, recycled, and usually features clean lines. While it may not feel cozy to someone who prefers the cottage style, the person who decorates in an industrial way finds joy in reusing old things. They’d rather use what they have rather than go out and buy something new. They appreciate open spaces, natural light, and you won’t find clutter in their home. This type of person seems well put together, maybe even stylish in their appearance, and perhaps a little more serious than most. This is the guy who looks like he doesn’t shave, but he actually spends a good bit of time perfecting the disheveled look.


The traditional home style can best be described a home where you better not drop a crumb on the couch. In fact, don’t even eat on the couch. This design style is put together perfectly. Those couches were purchased because the stitching matched the stitching on the rug. That table setting? Not for eating. Ever. There is a place for eating, a place for relaxing, and a place for sitting. The person who designs this way is a perfectionist. They know design, and they appreciate detail. It makes them happy knowing that everything is “just so.” They find comfort in meticulous details, and they enjoy being able to create a space that they find functional and sophisticated. They’re analytical and detail-oriented. Their home is beautiful, and you’re always wondering how they pull it off so well without losing their mind.

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