If you are planning for a big move, it’s likely that you have old or un-utilized belongings that have been sitting around taking up space. Moving is the perfect opportunity to take an inventory of your belongings and determine the items you don’t need. Not only will you have less stuff to pack and move, but you can earn some side money selling off your items as well. Here are some things that you should get rid of before your big move.

At UNITS Moving and Portable Storage, we are dedicated to making the moving and storage experience easy for our customers. That’s why we provide tips and tricks to help make your move easier. To get a free quote on your UNITS container today call (855) 981-8648. Read on to find out what to get rid of before your big move.

Old Appliances

While it may seem practical to take your appliances with you when moving, it can be a lot more practical and cost effective to sell your old appliances and put the money towards a new model. Appliances are heavy, and notoriously difficult to move safely. Attempting to move a home appliance like a washing machine without professional help can lead to damage to the appliance, your home, or injury to yourself. 

Old Furniture

Similar to appliances, you are better off getting rid of your old furniture and investing in new furniture for your new home. While furniture isn’t as difficult to move as appliances, it can still take up valuable space that can be better utilized. If your furniture is old, outdated, and doesn’t hold any sentimental value, you are better off selling or getting rid of it instead of wasting time and money moving it.

Extra Clothing

Most people have clothes in our closets that are never worn. Luckily, clearing out your closet is an easy and effective for downsizing your move. You can donate gently-used clothing to local charities and shelters. If you have clothing that’s in brand new condition, but doesnt fit or just isn’t your style, you can consider selling it online or through a consignment shop to make some extra cash.

Anything You Don’t Use

This may sound extreme. But if an item doesn’t hold any practical or sentimental value, you can most likely get rid of it. Go through all your books, electronics and gear and you will likely find items that you haven’t used or looked at in quite some time. Instead of wrapping and packing these items only to put them into storage after your move, you can likely sell these items online or through a yard sale.


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