Summer is starting to come to a close, and that means the weather will cool down enough so that it is no longer painfully humid to be outside. Outdoor activities that once seemed too stifling are now enjoyable and eagerly anticipated. It’s also a great time to plant your garden if you want a bountiful fall harvest.

Here are some of our tips:

Do Your Climate Research

Figure out what kind of climate your city has. Many spring veggies (like broccoli, spinach, and kale) actually grow really well in the fall, if it stays warm enough in the fall to not avoid frost and snow.

If you do live in a colder climate, consider investing in heartier, underground growing vegetables, like radishes or potatoes; veggies that are less likely to be impacted by the cold.

Pay Attention to Planting Guides

Whether you’re starting from seeds or pre-grown plants, it can be tempting to put them closer together in the ground than what is called for. You might think, “They’re so little! Surely they can go closer together than 3 inches.” But, once your plants start to grow and bloom and produce vegetables, you’ll understand why it’s necessary for them to have lots of space.

To Sun or Not To Sun

Many plants thrive with lots of sunlight, while others fail if they receive too much sunlight. Plan your garden planting around the recommended sunlight dosage. Take note before you plant of how much sunlight different areas of your yard receive and what spots would be best for different veggies.

Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Water regularly, but don’t overwater.

  • Know when to pick your vegetables. Your seed packets should give you an indication of what to look for in ripe vegetables.

  • Prevent animals and pests from devouring your veggies by surrounding your garden area with chicken wire.

  • Pick high quality soil and watering boosters to ensure your plants get the necessary nutrients.

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