Packing everything up and loading boxes into a moving truck is just the beginning of the moving process. The next step for most people is unloading those boxes in their new home in a chaotic mess as you slowly unpack over a period of weeks or months (or for some of you, even years).

Here are our tips for unpacking like a pro:

  1. Plan Ahead
    Set yourself up for unpacking success when you first start packing. Organize boxes by which rooms they’ll end up in in the new house and label boxes with what they contain. Think about what you won’t have room for and get rid of it before you move to save yourself time and money later on.

  2. Prioritize Rooms
    Figure out which rooms are the most important in the grand scheme of your move in, and start there. Typically, that would be bedrooms, kitchen, office, bathrooms, living areas, dining rooms, and finally the garage.

  3. Set Goals for Yourself
    Figure out how much you have to do and realistically divide and conquer. Commit yourself to unpacking a certain number of boxes per day and don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal. If you still have energy, set yourself a secondary goal to keep going. Reward yourself with dinner out or a celebratory nap to congratulate yourself for your hard work.

  4. Sticky Notes Are Your Friend
    Before you open any boxes, use sticky notes to mark where different items will go once they’re unpacked. This is especially helpful for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, bedroom closets and dressers, furniture, and storage areas.

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