Packing is no easy task. It can become draining, overwhelming and sometimes feel impossible, but with these top tips for how to pack clothing you’ll feel like a packing pro in no time!

Make suitcases your best friend.

Likely your attic, basement or closet is filled with a few different suitcases. Don’t just pack them away. Instead, use them for your clothing! Suitcases are just as stackable as boxes and can hold just as much clothing, but unlike boxes their extremely easy to move.

Buy some tissue paper.

Do you have some favorite dresses or tops that are extremely delicate and prone to wrinkles? Place your delicate shirt or dress in between two pieces of white tissue paper (the kind you use for gift bags). Ensure the tissue paper and clothing piece is flattened out then simply roll it up and pack all other delicate pieces of clothing similarly.

Pro tip: Since you already of suitcases out for packing, put all of your rolled delicates in the smallest suitcase and place socks and underwear on top to keep the delicates from moving around.

Use the trash bag method.

This is a simple trick that can cut your packing in half. Here’s how to utilize the trash bag method:

  1. Grab some tall trash bags

  2. Poke a hole in the top of the bag big enough for a hanger

  3. Place a handful of clothes that are on the hanger, inside the bag bringing the hangers through the hole

  4. Tie up the bottom of the bag

  5. Once at your new home simply tear of the trash bag and place clothes in the closet

Vacuum seal clothing that’s not in season.

Vacuum seal bags can be bought for a relatively low investment at places like Walmart or Target and are great for storing out of season clothing like big coats, sweaters or jeans. Once you’ve packed the bag and vacuum sealed it, you can stack the bags on top of each other in clear bins and add them to the moving truck.

Put dryer sheets in your boxes or suitcases.

Clothes can quickly develop a strange musty smell especially if you’re moving long distance. To prevent this, place a few scented dryer sheets in between a few pieces of the clothing. Your clothes will be removed from the boxes smelling fresh and clean.

Throw away or donate clothes you don’t wear anymore.

As you go through your clothes you’re likely stumble upon pieces that you didn’t even remember having or that you just don’t wear anymore. Toss them or donate them. There’s no need to bring unnecessary items to your new home and this will help eliminate at least a few boxes from the packing list.

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