1. Durability

Unlike our competitors that utilize wood to enforce their portable storage pods, UNITS have an all-steel frame for durability and security of your items. See the difference? Which would you rather use?

moving and portable storage moving and portable storage

2. Water & Mold Resistant

There’s nothing worse than opening a box of your possessions and finding everything smelly and damp. Unlike our competitors, we utilize materials that are weather-resistant to ensure the safety of your things. After all, we know you are trusting us with holding your memories and not just your “stuff.”

3. UV Protection

The sun is great for a beach day, but not so great for upholstery, furniture and art. Our units protect your belongings from the damaging UV rays of the sun, which can cause fading and warping.

4. Convenience

Not only are our UNITS convenient in terms of delivery and storing your personal belongings safely (and as long as you like) but we also offer easy loading. They are ground level, which makes it a lot easier on you to move things in and out quickly, saving time (and back pain).

5. Transparency

At UNITS, we operate with transparency. We don’t tack on hidden fees and when you get a quote from UNITS, you can be sure that we’re shooting you straight. We also don’t lock people into long-term commitments because we know that life happens and situations change. We always strive to operate with the most efficiency and responsibility to our clients as possible.

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