Your bedroom should help you fall asleep, not make you yawn from boredom. Luckily, a few low-budget upgrades can quickly turn your bedroom from boring to relaxing.

Here are our top tips for to update your bedroom on a budget:

Paint or add new features to your closet doors.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Add a mirror panel

  • Add dimension by utilizing wall trim to make a design on the door

  • Change out door hinges and door knobs

Change out your fan/light fixture.

An updated light fixture can instantly add a facelift to your room. In the long run, it can also add value to your home in the eyes of potential buyers.

Bonus: consider going bold and adding a touch of luxury with a uniquely designed chandelier.

Change out artwork.

When changing out your artwork consider the colors that are already in your bedroom. If your walls are darker, lighten things up with a bright colored canvas piece. If you’ve already got a lot of different colors in your room, consider a piece of artwork that is simply and features a white background.

Bonus: if you can’t find any affordable artwork, consider purchasing a patterned tapestry to hang.

Put up new curtains and adjust curtain height.

Choosing a new bold patterned curtain offers a relatively cheap way to add color to your bedroom. Additionally, adjusting the height of your curtains to ensure that they are closer to the ceiling as opposed to directly above the window sill, will help give your space an overall larger feel.

Paint outdated bedroom suit.

If your bedroom furniture doesn’t feels outdated, add a modern touch with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. Choosing a light, neutral color will ensure you’ll be able to use your furniture for years to come.

Bonus tip: if you choose to stick with a light color, you can add easily changeable pops of color by purchasing bright colored drawer knobs.

Add a headboard or change out your current one.

A headboard is one of the main focal points of your bedroom. Adding one to your bed will instantly give it a sleek look while changing out your current one will rejuvenate your space.

Bonus: you can easily spice up your current headboard by upholstering a new fabric to the piece.

moving and portable storage

Utilize small decorative storage bins.

Minimizing clutter will instantly transform your bedroom. By utilizing decorative storage bins to store excess items like charges, jewelry or books, you’ll add color to your room as well as clear up space.

Bonus: If your bedroom feels cluttered because of oversized furniture that doesn’t get used, a portable storage unit will easily help free up much needed space while keeping your favorite furniture safe.

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